Blind guys reaching out to 1,000 yds

Not sure I’m good with this. Sure he has to indepedently operate the gun but he isn’t doing the aiming. His spotter is telling him where to move it to for the shot.

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I actually talked to a blind person who hunted like this. He was blind as well.
His buddy would do the spotting and talk him through it.
Pretty interesting fellow actually. I stopped at his table at an outdoor expo. Was curious about the Air rifle he had that shoots arrows.

In this 1000 yard competition, do the other shooters get spotters to help? If so then I don’t think there would be any advantage for the blind shooter.
If the other shooters don’t get spotters then you may have a point.

After talking to the blind person who hunts, I was very impressed with him. Did not let blindness hold him back at all from the things he enjoys.


I didn’t read article, but if I was in the competition I certainly wouldn’t mind if it was “unfair” that the blind guy had an “advantage” in a competition…he’s freaking blind I’d rather lose the competition than be blind I’m not going to complain or care that he gets to have someone help him lol


Did I hit it?
yes, dead center every time!


Hmmm if he shoots someone who gets the blame?


He’s on a gun range with the rifle positioned down range at the target. If you shot someone at a range with your rifle pointed down range, who would be at fault?

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Shaun Payne positioned himself behind his rifle, equipped with a camera clipped to the scope — the technology that displays the scope’s view on a monitor. His spotter and friend, Stephen Miller, used a computer monitor to see Payne’s targeting, adjusting the scope crosshairs onto the target.

Even though the shooter isn’t the one sighting in the rifle, one still needs to be able to not introduce movement while pulling the trigger. I don’t see lack of sight being a issue with that skill.