Black Powder squirrel rifle


I purchased a 32 cal Davey Crockett black powder rifle Saturday
I have several 1858 Remington’s in 44 (reproduction) and several 50 cal rifles for deer hunting
Anyone have any experience with the small 32 cal rifle?


(Picture?? :smiley: )


I just got into black powder. I built a percussion cap .50 kit from Traditions in early 2018. It’s fun to shoot, and makes you appreciate the kind of people that went over the Cumberland Gap into the great unknown in the mid 1700s. I think everyone should own a traditional muzzleloader.


They can be fun to shoot but dirty even with Pyrodex. I had a 50 cal Thompson percussion. I liked lead Minie ball ammo. But you had to have lube, molds, measure tubes or dispensers.

I once and only once went to an outdoor target shooting event. There were about 15 of us on the line. The range master said we could commence firing and 15 black powder rifles went off almost at once. With no breaze a cloud of smoke hung over the firing line well past the time we reloaded for the second shot. Much better with some wind.

When I got home my wife said I looked like a reverse Racoon.


You have to lube regular lead balls as well.


I am getting ready to try some lube recipes
I have the felt, bees wax and made my own lambs tallow these will be the lubed wads
I bought the punches so now it’s just getting a weekend to try and see what works best.
Has anyone got more than the 1/3rd and 2/3rds portions maybe a third ingredient (non-petroleum)?

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Only round ball I ever shot was from a musket someone at the range had already loaded. I kept thinking of a giant B.B.

When I got my own gun the man I bought it from turned me on to minie ball ammo. I could skip the patch stage in loading.

My plan was to use it for hunting pigs but I never tried it.