Black Friday Shopping?

Before you venture out for those Black Friday deals, remember the fundamentals of situational awareness! Here’s a blog with tips for you:

What are you hoping to find shopping this today?

If you’re doing your shopping online, don’t forget gifts for the most patriotic people on your list!

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Do they sell peace anywhere? :rofl::rofl:


You mean some people aren’t at work today?


Are Black Friday sales even a thing, this year? Did the big box companies get exempted from COVID restrictions, again?

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I never got out to shop on Black Friday. And I also stay away from malls during this time of year. And it is because I don’t like to be in the crowds. And the possible problems that can come up. And I’ve had this policy for over 40 years now. STAY SAFE OUT THERE AND ALWAYS CARRY.


I had a lot to say, but I’ll just say, who needs to shop when you can loot? I’m sure if the electoral college votes Trump, we will all have a chance to loot, I mean shop!
I will never give my money, willingly, to traitors!

OK boss, this one is for you…
Now get back in the ring and come back with your shield or on it…

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This time of year I just go online, snap up what I want. While having a drink & a smoke. Works for me. ( lots of local stores have free shipping)

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Went on the square today and got the wifey her presents from locally owned businesses.


Great article, they best board up those windows again. I’m still in the fight and will be til death. If this “is Sparta” when do we march? We must meet them at the gates and push them into the sea!
Then we’ll shop!

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Let’s see what comes out of the jury box…


No BFS for the last few years… Just wanted to pull myself & my family out of the commercialization/materialism loop that seems to ensnare so many around this time of year. Nothing wrong with starving-the-machine for a few days right?

:point_right:t5: Deals are deals and saving :moneybag: when possible is great but the spirit that comes alive on BF is one I experienced 1st hand about a decade ago. It’s not an experience I care to repeat.


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If the churches must be stopped, if Thanksgiving had to be cancelled… and Christmas is to be cancelled due to the left’s fear of Covid…

They MUST cancel Black Friday


And black Friday now starts on Black Wednesday and during black Thanksgiving dinner.

If a church can not get together and hold worship services… and they say we must cancel Christmas… zoom call or fakebook it… and 'eat our mashed potatoes alone…
They MUST cancel Black Friday.

With reduced work hours and pending bills I believe Christmas is going to be a bit more simple than in the past. My daughter gets 1000 deadly skills, My mom gets a mission style picnic table, daughters fiancé is getting a 16 foot john boat, other son gets a Rubik’s cube, and my youngest, I do not know yet. My girlfriend get a big new comforter for the bed and warm fluffy socks. No black Friday sales.’
My daughter want me to get her a 9 mm. I wish I could!!!