Black Army Veteran Faces Murder Charges After Shooting, Killing White Intruder at His Oklahoma Business

Has anyone read the account of the Shooting? Sure seems not. First, if I were the Vets wife I sure wouldn’t have contacted Yahoo news. There are better news outlets to contact like, FOX. Second, I am a Vet, so I look to be on his side. The only thing my brother has to his side is; why hasn’t the state come to his business before the crime asking why he hasn’t asked to renew his business licenses? Other than that, our brother has a problem. He does not have a license, He was told he needed $100,00 to get his license, yet he had enough plant in his building worth $1.5 M, so why didn’t he make the improvements. So when he was in HIS building he was, in fact, committing a felon, when the guy was trying to break in, he was only interesting our brother breaking the law. So you have two people committing a felony, I don’t know the law on that and I am not going to speculate on that. But if the law is as stated then he may have an escape here. How does the law state when both are committing a felon? There may be more than what’s presented, so I can not tell how factual this is.


Bratcher’s business license had lapsed. His wife told Yahoo! News that officials ordered him to make “nearly $100,000 worth of renovations” to his medical marijuana facility — so he wasn’t able to obtain the necessary paperwork to continue operations. That lapse would prove to be fateful.

     Just wondering if official orders plays a major part in this? If not for the $100,00 renovation charge would he have been able to get the paper work needed taken care of or was there any restrictions of oppression doing the renovation?
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I believe the intent of those laws is to deny someone the right to self-defense if they’re the perpetrator. For example, if I break into someone’s home at night and the homeowner appears with a firearm to defend her home, I can’t shoot her and claim self defense, like I could if we were outside in the street.

The way this case is described in the article, the defendant is considered a felon only because his business license expired. (The charges of drug dealing would apparently be legal if he had the cash to maintain his license?) He was not the person seeking to do harm, he was the person being attacked.

I don’t believe this is as black & white as you suggest.
If a motorist is driving with an expired license and has to defend themselves from an attacker trying to enter the vehicle, does that make the motorist a murderer? Or is it a case of self-defense with a separate case of driving with an expired license?

That seems to be the scenario as described in the article. The defendant had a business license to grow marijuana, but it expired. Does that mean he cannot defend himself from an attacker?


, if I break into someone’s home at night and the homeowner appears with a firearm to defend her home, I can’t shoot her and claim self defense, like I could if we were outside in the street.

 Might want to edit your example; if you break into her house and she has a gun for defense and you shoot her you are in the wrong twice.

No edit necessary, from what I can see.

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After reading the article I think the outcome may depend on the precise parsing of the OK law.


“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”

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It is sad that with all being said the prosecutor is also not going after the state or government for not doing their job. Why didn’t they close the shop or farm after he lost his license or is it due to covid that there is not enough personnel to do the job.

Things can be stopped if we all do our part or is pres. Biden going to use this as an excuse to make it difficult for lower citizens to protect themselves.

Come on people let’s really look at the fact and not just what was done, was he notified about his license I am sure but did they follow up after it expired knowing what the business was about, he killed somebody defending himself and his property, he was not wrong for that he was wrong for letting his license expire but like always do one crime and the law breaks it down to 5 or 6 cases to look good

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