Bill To Make Entire State A Gun-Free Zone

The Supreme Court needs to start holding mayors and congressmen in contempt that blatantly slap our Constitution across the face.


Instead of prohibiting firearms for anyone everywhere in that state why don’t they just ban firearms completely because that’s their end game.


baby steps is their plan
that’s coming next if this fly’s under the radar


They need to man-up and just do it!
Grow a pair!


Of course not. They know that rights can only be taken away incrementally. If they try to do it all at once, people will notice that they’re doing it. The Beto strategy to confiscate firearms didn’t work.

It’s the old “boil a frog” analogy, they have to turn the heat up slowly, not all at once.


Why don’t we just freeze them out? I’ll qualify that. Card carrying conservatives pay $1.89 for a gallon of gas, liberals pay $5.97 a gallon and apply that to everything. From airline seats to the right to defend one’s self. For instance, voting matters!

Burglar breaks into liberal home, owner shoots bad guy, both go to jail, without due process ( you don’t get rights if you vote against them ). You don’t get due process from this administration!

Burglar breaks into conservative home, owner shoots bad guy, place bad guy in dumpster, owner gets awarded ammo for the wasted ammo and has school named after him/her. Parade, medal and keys to city.

Simple really, those that voted for Brandon live WITHOUT the constitution and are taxed without representation.
Obviously those that voted for the protection of the constitution live with it, and all the rights afforded. This is not a fancy algorithmic problem.

You voted to defund, call your local cartel leader, if you voted for law and order cops are at your doorstep just in time, like the movies! Obviously, less time spent on liberals TikTok problems!

Those that want to be disarmed, have a nice violent day. You obviously have no protection under the law, you chose no law! If you’re a sanctuary city, well, be a sanctuary and don’t complain about it, no one is listening!

Freeze and starve them out, immediately! Why do they get to live in a free country when they vote against its freedoms?
Let’s play their game. Rules for me not for thee.
As a matter of fact, why do California, New York and Illinois still have protections under the constitution? Why have they not been removed from the union? They obviously don’t appreciate a United States!


I didn’t listen to the video or read all the replies but how does a ban enforce a law. People are trying to instill fear in us. No guns is a nice thought if people were all nice but Darwin’s law applies. Guns make weaker nice people stronger than not nice people. It just seems too ridiculous if not for a political agenda.


It would be a great experiment to try in a state like CA or NY, so long as they spend that $.90 on each person they find with a firearm, or ammo, or wrong numbered magazine. Start with the people who protect the people forcing this change…then celebrities…


The “slippery slope” isn’t a fallacy, it’s a strategy.


Hello and welcome @Robert1365
Instead of being cowards they need to grow a pair or get off the pot.

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100% agree with this comment!

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