Big League Guns Witness Stops Kidnapping By Pulling Gun on Suspect


A citizen carrying a firearm thwarted an attempted kidnapping, according to police.

“According to Sgt. Tommy Thompson with Phoenix police, the suspect approached the girl from behind, grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back and put his arm over her face while she was walking to school near 19th Avenue and Bell Road on April 3,” said a FOX10 report.

That’s when the good samaritan intervened.

“When the suspect started talking to the girl, a witness knocked him down and told him to leave the girl alone,” the report said. “The witness then pointed a handgun at the suspect and told him to leave.”

The police are still searching for the suspect, who ran away when the witness pulled the firearm.

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That’s awesome! It looks like the story was picked up in a couple of other cities as well, @txradioguy.

Fox channels in Chicago and Houston reported on it too.

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And yet there are still politicians in DC that will insist that armed law abiding citizens who have these kind of encounters don’t exist. That’s it’s all made up.