Biden Administration refuses to honor D-Day white supremacy American solders

So why was D-Day completely ignored? Are we now required to view soldiers of that era as white suppremacists?

World gone mad.

Everyone, to some degree, is racist, feminist, bigoted, masochist, and so many more. If someone (anyone) doesn’t think so, then they can simply settle on dilusional. This seems to escape most people.

Combine it with judging others (many from the past) using this moment’s rules and we’re doomed to burn through our resources while getting nowhere, live in the past instead of being able to move to the future, and build in the capacity to forgive and heal. Race to the bottom, as I’ve said so many times before. Everything doesn’t get fixed in this life.


So, the basis of all this, from what I can tell, is that the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1940s wasn’t very sensitive to the plight of black men in the United States some 80 years later?

He’s basically teaching his students that we won the right war for the wrong reasons.

I can’t wait to hear what he teaches them about the U.S. Civil War.


This is why Douglas Murray is so important today, and why he is showing up on regular news channels instead of just YouTube.

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