Biden admin reaches settlement with ACLU over separated migrant families under Trump

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Biden admin reaches settlement with ACLU over separated migrant families under Trump (

The Biden administration and the American Civil Liberties Union have reached a proposed settlement agreement that, if approved, would provide benefits for thousands of migrant families separated under the Trump administration’s controversial “zero tolerance” policy to deter illegal southern border crossings.

Under the proposed agreement, the Justice Department says, new standards would be established to limit migrant family separations in the future.

The settlement would prohibit separations unless there are concerns regarding the wellness of the migrant child, national security issues, medical emergencies or in the case of criminal warrants.

The settlement would also provide continued support services for those who were separated from their families when Trump was president, including covering the cost of medical bills incurred during or because of the separations.

A federal judge will have to review and sign off on the deal, a Department of Justice official said on a conference call with reporters on Monday.


What do you call an illegitimate administration that ALWAYS chooses to go against the best interests of the Country?


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