Bicycle Gun Storage Location for non-carry states

The basic question I have is how firearm transportation laws apply to bicycles. I assume that the strategies for motorcycles can apply – separate “locked” storage for unloaded gun and ammo stored in a pannier or backpack.



This can likely only be answered on a State by State basis. I wouldn’t assume that what applies to motorcycles can be applied to bicycles. Bicycles aren’t treated as motor vehicles and some States have specific references for storage on motorcycles without mentioning bicycles. I have never looked into it but suspect many States would treat carrying on a bicycle as if you were walking.

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Around here I’m pretty sure it will be up to the jurisdiction. I can ride my bicycle on the side walk in some parts but can’t in others, I have to ride on the road here but can’t be on the road there.


Word to the wise, check your local listings, can differ by region, county, or city. Sometimes rules about parks and recreation areas have wording about firearms.

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Many sidewalks are only for pedestrians.

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