Beware! It's April Fools Day!

Once again it’s April Fools Day. A day some of us may be even more aware than normal, expecting an April Fools Prank to be pulled on us.

That means we’re definitely not going to be in condition white. Wait, you don’t know the Color Codes? This is the perfect day to learn about them!

Condition White: you are completely unaware of what’s going on around you. Maybe your texting or running with headphones in and aren’t paying attention to anyone else in your area.

Condition Yellow: you are aware of your surroundings and what is happening in your immediate vicinity. You may make brief eye contact with those around you, you’ve got an eye out for potential threats, and you’re doing what you can to avoid bad situations.

Condition Orange: you have a heightened awareness that something that may be wrong or dangerous to yourself or others. You’re taking active steps to avoid the situation (turning around, increasing distance, issuing verbal commands), and you’re mentally preparing yourself for a confrontation or rapid escape.

Condition Red: it’s time to take action – escape, take cover or engage the threat. Use of force is not a required outcome, getting out of the bad situation safely may be the most logical and prudent course of action.

Is there ever a time you should be in Condition White? What condition are you in today if your friends like to pull April Fools pranks on you?

The only time I intend to be in Condition White is when I am asleep. That being said, I will catch myself at home and realize I am in Condition White. I then immediately switch to Condition Yellow. I don’t have friends who pull April Fools pranks on me, but if I did, I would be in Condition Orange or even Red (depending on the friends).


Agree with @OldGnome .

We’ve had similar conversations, before. I know I’ll get shot down for this like I have before, but my opinion remains that mental health requires occasional White time. That doesn’t mean while driving or at the grocery store, but I think everyone needs a time & place where they can relax and process their day.


All of us are in Condition White from time to me… and that is a good thing. Like @Ouade5 said -


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April Fool pranks? :thinking: no… not anymore…


I agree, but would add that one person’s Condition White may include a very different level of situational awareness than the next person’s. Same for Yellow/Orange. I’ve done quite a bit of quasi-academic classroom and RBT work on this subject over the years. My observation is that people have different innate radii at which their senses detect changes in their environment and different frequencies and amplitudes at which a blip appears on their radars, so to speak. Sort of like how different people have very different intuitive acumen (ability to detect pattern and significance in a field of what appears to be random or unrelated data points). Then there’s the issue of how to CREATE an EFFECTIVE Condition Yellow when you are in a natural Condition White. Ranging from a watch schedule to early detection and warning systems (perimeter alarms, for example) to barricades and obstacles of various types, there is a never-ending tool box of things we can incorporate into our lives to allow for rest and relaxation.

In the end, I believe this stuff…the thought and work and investment in what goes on Left of Bang…is far more determinative of outcomes in a crisis than actual combat skills, because…if you get caught off guard and lose the initiative/dominant position in combat…it will cost you dearly to regain said initiative and/or dominant position and may very well prove impossible.




Loved this April fools.


As far as color for conditions, I didn’t know condition white was a thing…

Always been a condition yellow and my years in training, specifically driving school bus has kept me in condition Yellow in an even more heightened sense…

Predicting people based on behaviors and likely actions, commonly from pedestrians and drivers.


Johnny B had a funny you tube video this morning, Glock fans don’t get mad :grin:

I totally agree, @Ouade5. Without any downtime to recover, I think we burn ourselves out prematurely from stress.

Great reminder to stay on point. Nice day to point out awareness. Good job and thanks.

Back on topic – we don’t hang with folks who play practical jokes/pranks.


I don’t even know how this state of mind is possible? I suppose with half a bottle of Glendronach on board out at the farm I might could get there but I’m still watching and listening.




In an earlier (i.e. pre-covid) era, you wouldn’t have to go farther than your local soy coffee house to see many examples.

My wife and I have a saying for people who are perpetually in the white zone: If this were a jungle, they’d be tiger food.



I’m alway Condition Orange.
Even in my sleep.



Let me share a text I sent my son today:

I’m definitely interested in that range membership btw, I just want to make sure I know what I’m signing on for. I need so where to get long range rifle time.

Wish I had a plot of land out in the country!

We’re signing on to a voluntary Militia. If called to defend the Constitution we immediately report for duty at the range with our guns and ammo. Ammo will then be issued to those who need it. Bring a weeks rations and first aid kit.

Me again later:
The PD contacted me today. They said someone complained about all the firearms delivered to my door and saw a gun in my hand waiving it around. I think I’m going to give them to you until after they do their BS.

He thought I was serious. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
He was in a melt down when I texted him: