Best Rifle for Competition Shooting?

In the Wish List! thread, @Leonard asked:

I would love to purchase a Daniel Defense Rifle. Unfortunately, I know nothing about these rifles and how to go about getting the best (I want to compete in shooting competitions) model for myself.

What do you all suggest for him?

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@Leonard Daniel Defense offers I believe 2 different models geared towards 3 gun shooting competitions. That would be the DDM4 V7 Pro and the DDM4 V11 Pro. Don’t quote me on this but I believe the only difference is in the hand guard. The V11 uses the new SLiM rail 15 over the M-LOK rail. At that point it really only comes down to which rail feels and workd better for you. As far as purchasing one you can go to the Daniel Defense website and order one directly from them but it must be shipped to a FFL. Their site also has a dealer locator on there as well so you can find a place locally to you. I hope this helps.

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@Lacy. Thank you!! This has been most helpful. I will take a look at the website and view the various models you mentioned.

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@Lacy. I fell to asked. Do I need to have a scope initially or is this something you suggest I purchased onced i’ve become “proficient” in the basics of carbine shooting?

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@Leonard neither one of these rifles come with sights. So yes, you will need to mount a scope initially. I will stay out of recommending an optic for you as there are so many to choose from and is personal preference lol.

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@Lacy Understood and thank you so much for the recommendations!

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Another thing to consider for optics is your vision. If you have an astigmatism you will want to go to a shop that sells them and look at display models. Astigmatism distortion can range from mildly annoying to full blown cant use it for red dots/holographic sights and some light up displays on fancier scopes.

What type of competition are you going to be shooting? What are the minimum and maximum ranges?

DD makes a very good AR, my preference out to 200yds is my Smith M&P 15, for longer range work my Sig 516. The piston drive AR’s tend to be heavier but run much cooler and cleaner.

Thank you. Never in my wildest dreams would i’ve taken into account my vision. I currently wear prescription glasses when I shoot at the range. I am sure this will need to be taken into consideration when I purchase a scope.

My goal is to work my way up to the 3 gun competition. At this point, I will be joining a small league here in North Carolina to gain some experience and “learn the ropes”. However, I would also like to start familiarizing myself with AR platforms to possibly purchasing a rifle. This may sound crazy, but I would rather not purchase an “entry level” rifle and have to get purchasing as I become proficient. I guess you say I prefer to “grow into the rifle” as i gain experience. Many thanks on your time and recommendations.

Neither of those are “entry level”.

Look at the ranges you’ll be shooting. If you’re shooting beyond 200yds then I’d go with the Sig 516 because of the longer barrel and heavier weight.

All else being equal heavier is steadier, and steadier is more accurate.