Best New Year 2021 Celebration

Most of us welcomed the New Year at home, watching celebrations, fireworks and light shows on TV.
I did the same. Every big city around the World streamed this beautiful moment LIVE on Internet.

I liked the show in Paris:

Moscow was as usual:

Warsaw looked nice:

I also liked Washington DC:

I was expecting something great from New York…and I was disgusted… Happy New KIA Year :zipper_mouth_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bangkok was great:

Dubai was amazing:

But the BEST in my opinion was London. Not because it was spectacular… it was great show like in other cities.
But London actually paid tribute to the people who deserve the best in 2020:

BRAVO London Town !

That show was a great message to all the people to think what we lost last year and that there is still a hope for better next one…


You mean was there any new year celebration better than watching mayor De Blasio dancing with wife? :joy::joy:


:scream: I missed that part… :yum:
I was enjoying only 10 minutes of New York’s party:

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Que no pare la fiesta !