Best Credit Card?

Trying to stay away from leftist organizations while looking for a new credit card. Are there ANY major credit card companies out there that are pro 2nd amendment, pro-life and aren’t supporting destructive woke causes? Has ANYONE gotten a Coign credit card? That group seems to be dragging their feet since they came out big back in April, and aren’t responding to people who are applying. They also just chose Ukraine as one of their charities, can’t they find something closer to home?


No such thing I guess. :thinking:

Second Amendment Friendly Credit Cards.

I was once told if you do not have the cash, you do not have to have it! That paying cash is the best way to navigate your finances. He was a very rich man, and I can understand what he was saying. If using a credit card puts any other attention on you than your credit, then I would have to say do not use credit cards anymore! Banks are making money off of you using a credit card anyway.


TBH, I am not aware of any. Publicly, at least I feel like Discover Credit, has done it’s best, to stay out of the wokeness arena. But that’s just my opinion.


I also have the discover card,and so far they are good,also I like the feature they have that will alert you to your E- Mail of any charge over $1.00 and you can aprove it or decline any charge, I use it all the time and pay off at the end of the month,and I also have a bank card,but never use it except when I have too,i just use it when I have too,and so far they dont restrict any usage, and have used it since 2018 in other words i can shop weapons and weapons parts at any store that takes it and any store that doesent take it does not get my Bizz


On a recent trip, we had a layover and were getting lunch. I tried to use one of my credit cards and was having an issue paying. After both the waiter and the manager trying to help us, I finally used a different credit card. We ended up with less than 5 minutes to eat before rushing to get the next flight. As we were eating, I noticed several notifications on my phone that I hadn’t seen earlier. The credit card company decided to flag the transaction as suspicious.

I was quite POd as that caused us to almost not being able to eat. Unfortunately, due to the “pandemic” bs, many places no longer have cash options, such as this one that only used an electronic ordering system. It was the same card I used to buy the airfare, so it was not like they did not know I was traveling. As a case in point, one of my credit cards sent me an email today stating that it noticed that I would be traveling soon and would use that information to monitor charges in case of fraud. Some cards have a travel notification that you can add to your card, but not all do.

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I get card notices all the time through the USPS and I throw them in the trash all the time ante ones I open does not have the benefits I have and really none have every transaction alert and I stay awaw from the ones that came out agreeing to any weapons or parts for weapons,so far Discover is not agreeing to that issue,so Discover is for me,I am still buying a stock of supplies and I load all my ammo, and I always pay the entire Discover off at the end of the month,and it is around 2l,but last month it was a little over 63k but it was all for food and supplies and yes the food is jumping up

Thanks Todd, but they make very little off me since I always pay up each bill in full. I fully believe in cash, but when it’s something that costs $400 or $600 all at once (car maintenance, plumber, furnace/fireplace checks, dental work, groceries nowdays!) I have to rely on a credit card cuz I don’t carry that kind of cash. I’m old fashioned and still write checks whenever I can, but some places don’t take them anymore. I also don’t use a credit card for piddly things, none of this $15 here, $22.50 there like some people. That’s where I’ll pay cash or pull out my checkbook if it’s over $25. I also like that USCCA automatically rolls over for me online at renewal time.

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Not sure where Discover stands in all of this cuz a lot of places don’t broadcast their wokeness all the time.

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Over 63K?! Yikes! Also, I hope you shred those card notices before you toss them.

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Yes, it is important to pay in full every month or the almost usuary interests rates will come into effect. 63K for food and supplies? Wow. Should I assume that was a decimal error, though even 6.3K is quite high for food. Should I also assume “2l” is 2K, which is a more reasonable number.

Yes, I believe we all do and do the same.

No the 63k was right,but had to pay the daughters bills because my GD was in hospitat for 3 weeks from Surgury and my daughter had to take off from her job to take care of her,she is a special needs GD and i am old fasioned and family takes care of family in times of need,so I took care of my Daughters bills for her

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I don’t even open them,just tear them up and throw them in the trash,the ones I do open some but they don’t have the benefit that Discover has so in the trash they go

Sorry hit wrong key,and yes it is 2k normally,but Grand Daughter is special need and was in hospital for 3 weeks from surgury and my daughter,her mother had to take off from her job to be with her to make decisions,so as I am old fasioned and beleive in taking care of family,I paid all her bills so she didnt have to pay late charges,that is what having a family is for is to help when you can

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Has anyone heard or know about Glorifi? Candace Owens is posting about this financial institution and they have a credit card. I trust her, but can I trust Glorifi?

Before I moved to Florida, I would shred any junkmail with Personally Identifying Information (PII) on it, then each month I would take the box of shred out back to my firepit, and burn it all to make sure no one can dumpster dive and find them.

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Yup, I love my Discover Card more and more each month. I can pay my balances using points accrued from purchases. This month I got a notice that since I live in an area affected by Hurricane Ian, my monthly payment was waived.

Conversely, I received a notice from American Express (been with them for a couple decades now, and have both a Hilton and Delta Airlines Gold card with them) that they were reducing my credit limit significantly because despite making timely (more than minimum) payments, my payments were too low of a percentage of my total balance. So as soon as I pay off those cards, they are going in the desk drawer to gather dust.

That’s exactly why I’m trying to find a new card! Wells Fargo is emailing me repeatedly to review my earnings with them. As you, I have been with them for decades, and have ALWAYS paid up each bill, every month, on time. Why are they messing with us?

Apply for a discover,no problems ,i never had