Best concealed holster and accessories for G19?

What would you say is the best and most comfortable concealed holster for the Glock 19? Also, what are your top recommended accessories & upgrades?

I really like the Alien gear shapeshift. I only have IWB, but you can buy a whole set that lets you configure in any different holster set ups It’s
Comfortable, it looks bulkier than it is when it’s on, and it really does work.

I am a big fan of CYA Kydex holsters. This is the holster I use the most. It’s a very easy to store the gun with it holstered, I just put it in the safe holstered, and pull it out and clip it when ready to go. It’s also a very affordable holster. I believe it’s Veteran owned as well. I have two for my two carry guns.


+1 for AlienGear ShapeShift IWB.

I recently switched from a Concealment Express Kydex holster with a claw. The AlienGear definitely looks bigger, but once on, it’s a lot more comfortable and is not much more noticeable than the kydex with a claw.

Reason I switched is because it’s starting to get warm here in FL. I normally have to wear an undershirt with the kydex so that the holster and slide is not against bare skin. The AlienGear backing is very comfortable on bare skin even on hot days.


I dont’ like the glock sights–i replace with night sights immediately.