Being combative rarely pays off


What a bazaar series of events!!


NYPost reporting lacks here. What, saved from drowning death and immediately starts fighting with the man who saved his life? Whats missing from the story?

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I suspect arrogance & drugs/alcohol. Sources can report only what thye know, right?

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I can’t make sense of it but did you see the video of the bear running after the snowboarder?

It’s hard to say. I’d hope they’re running some blood tests to see if something may have been off, but we can’t discount the possibility that this was simply one (or two) people in panic mode. If the person being rescued was struggling for his life one moment and then found himself pinned down by a stranger, he might have flipped out. And the person who pulled him out might not have known how to react once this started happening.

Sad, but it happens even with professionals. EMTs are trained on ways to restrain people who become combative, this person might not have had that kind of training. A town near me had an incident a few years back where a police officer responded to a flipped vehicle and was shot by the driver, who didn’t know where he was and thought he was being attacked.

Weird stuff happens.
Be safe.