"Before the Changes"? Law changes?

So, a friend sent me this picture, asking what changes, and when my next class was - so he could get in before the changes.

So, am I in a cave or something? What “changes” could this instructor be referring to?

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Not from WI so I don’t know for sure, but it reads to me like all the compliance poster letters that I get that are just sales gimics

Top portion: “2020 is just around the corner and new Employment Laws have just been enacted and there significant fines for failing to be compliant”

Bottom portion: order form for Fed/State compliance posters that are 3x as expensive as what I already get and have the exact same information as the 2019 posters.

Yes sometimes there are changes, but more times than not there are not (at least not any that impact the compliance posters)

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I’m not In WI, and a quick search didn’t turn up any pending 2020 law changes… but it looks like the advertising worked :woman_shrugging:

Maybe @dawn can ask the legal eagles.

I don’t know if any WI laws that are changing. I wonder if there are reciprocity laws changing. :thinking:

I will look into it!