Bear spray bandit

I was walking out of the store after work before I went home picking up groceries for my sweetie. When I got to my vehicle a guy was standing by what I figured was his vehicle and I cautiously put my stuff in the back seat. He said to me," What do you think of Joe Biden?" I responded with, " Never have met the man!" I know that responding to such a random question seemed so far out there that it was not a good idea to escalate the encounter. A couple days later he came into my work and a guy was getting him out of the bar and was sprayed with bear spray. I figured this was kind of weird but then the next day a girl across the street at the gas station was sprayed. I am not sure if the LEOs are looking for him but, here is something else to think about out there on your day to day situations.


There seems to be a lot of demented people out there. Good situational awareness and response. You probably saved your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs a few hours of pain with that neutral response.


Todd, I LOVE that answer, I’m going to use that one.
A lot of the homeless guys around here carry Bear Spray for self defense, that means there are a lot of Bear Spray bottles in the hands of a lot of rather unstable folks.


This reminds me of a story from the Tribal Jail I worked at long before my time there.
There was a Female Corrections Officer who would if an inmate was banging on a cell door or just
irritated her she would lower the feed tray door and spray pepper spray into the cell.
Inmates called her “The Skunk”. :rofl: