Be safe during the holidays and be ready

With Christmas coming up we all know that crime is a increase certain cities and states if not all.
We may encountered porch pirates, pan handlers, car jackings and your basic idiotic criminal.
Just beware of your surroundings and remember Coopers color code. Here are some personal tips on traveling during the holidays that I have used that has kept me and my family safe.

Rest Stops: If you are traveling for the holidays there may be a time during your drive that little Susy or Joey saids " I gotta pee Daddy or Mommy"
If you plan on stopping at a rest stop, I try to stop during the day light and not at night. I pre map my route to my holiday destination and I pick rest stops that I know are usually known for there own security patrol or that are busy with other travelers. I try not to stop at night or even drive during the night if I can help it.

Keep your fuel tank above the 1/4 line and never let the reserve light come on. Pre plan your route and where your gonna fill up if needed.

Try not to wear clothes or jewelry that may seem like your rich during your travel.Where clothes that are comfortable but still can conceal your firearm. Blend in!

Know your traffic and what may be up ahead. You may encounter longer travel times due to accidents or just plan old heavy traffic. If need to, plan a alternative route that your familiar with, just don’t take a route or be rerouted by your GPS or Google.

Get your car mechanically inspected before your travel date. Make sure your tires are good with decent tread and air. Oil change and battery and charging system is in specs. Check and ensure that your spare tire is in good condition and if you don’t have a spare then always pre program a 24 hour road side service in your phone.

Keep a gallon of water in your vehicle and small snacks to prevent you and the family from making multiple food stops. I keep a small igloo cooler with water bottles and chips and crackers.

Know your the States that your traveling through conceal carry laws and how to transport firearms.

Final, DON’T RUSH! you will get there, it may not be exactly the time that you planned but you will make it.
If you rush and speed, lots of things can go wrong.
Always remember Murphys Law.

Be safe and happy holidays.


Some of my fondest memories are driving in the middle of nowhere with all gas stations/stores closed and a message is well past “you have 0 miles to empty “. :rofl:


The only thing I would add to that, especially for road trips, 3F’s, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, FLARES, FIRST AID KIT, make that 4 F’s FULL LOAD OUT of tactical gear.