Be careful you don’t get sucked in!

I have been around long enough to have tried many different guns and gear. I do not allow myself
to get excited about the “latest and greatest” but boy do I know people who do. :roll_eyes:
I stick with common calibers and firearms I can find anywhere and gear I have personally tested.
I stopped subscribing to American Survival Guide because more then half of the mag was nothing but advertisement for “new gear” with ridiculous prices.
I am going to bet most of these new calibers from the past 10 years will go extinct and then what?
I am still laughing :rofl: :rofl:


Love this paragraph from that article, @Patrick47

People who are serious about developing valuable knowledge in self defense will become avid students. They accept the fact that this will not happen overnight. They seek knowledge. They seek training. They seek the advice of those who have been there and done that. They are in it for the long run and are willing to spend years perfecting the skills that can potentially save their lives. They listen instead of pontificating.


Absolutely. I’ve definitely learned to listen to those that know through experience, especially when it comes to staying alive. Everything and everyone else is pure noise.

I will say I agree about the personal defense opinions.

That being said, I enjoy learning about the new gear and guns being released. It’s just fun… I don’t buy any of it :joy:… it’s just fun to entertain myself with. That being said, the self proclaimed expert thing is dumb and obviously very common :joy:.


100% right.