Batteries on a Rifle Mounted Light

I need some new CR123A batteries I am used to using surefire since I had a surefire LED light and I trust that brand but has anyone used that brand vs something else and gotten better results?


I’ve used Surefire and Energizer Cr123A batteries in my rifle lights. Haven’t really used them for long enough periods to notice a difference. I occasionally use them in one of my flashlights but I prefer to use a rechargeable battery in it so haven’t used them enough in that either to notice a difference.

I usually just go with whichever one of those I can find on sale.


I like Surefire and Panasonic CR123. I’m sure Energizer would be good too but they get pricey even for 123’s


Have had good luck with surefire and streamlight 123s, as well as duracell, energizer and panasonic. I avoid no name batteries in stuff my life may depend on. Amazon will run deals on the larger packs of streamlight batteries from time to time


Personally, if I go to the store to purchase CR123’s they are usually dated older than if I purchase online directly from Surefire.

Additionally, buying CR123’s online from Surefire is usually A LOT cheaper than going to the store for any brand (including stores with SF batteries).


I prefer enegizer lithium. They seem to last a good bit longer, and as of yet, I haven’t had one leak the white crusty guts.


Many years ago my son and I did a battery life science experiment with Duracell and Energizer AA alkeline batteries. On a sample size of 20 each, the Energizer kicked butt to the point of no comparison. Right or wrong, I’ve been a loyal Energizer buyer ever since.



Time and again, year over year, test after test, it consistently comes back that way

Now when you get into some other battery types, if there are made in Japan Panasonic cells they are quite good too…but most typical sizes and alkaline they aren’t in that market here


For weapon lights I’ve only ever used Surefire and Streamlight.

Keep an eye out for sales, at least a few times per year I see them on PrimaryArms, MidwayUSA, or PSA for $11-12 for a 10pack (even in post COVID times). I’ve always gotten expiry dates ~10years out.

Not sure why i never considered Energizer, I use their lithium batteries (AA, AAA) in normal flashlights with great results…


I’ve never tried different brand, but I found Surefire to keep charge in low temperatures. I’ve been loyal to this brand for 4 years.
My only experience with Panasonic was CR123 battery for my cars’ remote… and I hated it. It died after year or so… which was extremely short for remote . :neutral_face:

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Its funny you say that, considering panasonic and duracell are the only manufacturers with plants that make 123a batteries in the US. Surefire and streamlight both use US sourced battery cells. Ive seen conjecture arguing for both being the manufacturer of their batteries, but without the labels they are identical to panasonic’s batteries in construction