Baretta 92X

In my opinion - yes.
primo: it is freaking accurate (less than 2 inch at 50 yards)
secundo: it works great as carry, home defense and range gun
tertio: it’s SAO with very nice and crisp trigger, almost zero slack and overtravel
quatro: grip panels are very rounded, I like them more than SIG Legion

If the gun is configured the way you are gonna use it - no cons.
The problem occurs, when you want to change handgun’s configuration (ambi safety, concealed slide stop) - you must send it to Wilson Combat. :relieved:

You won’t find nicer handgun. :ok_hand:


Look at this beauty.
It put my C2 into the safe.

Same thing, just slimmer solid grip.


It is interesting to read about the high-end models everyone discusses. Being an old retiree, I cannot afford any of them so get less expensive brands. I like my big clunky Rock Island 1911 and the commander size of the same design for carry. Yes, both are double/single action. Carry it ready and it is one trigger pull when the safety is clicked off. Have had a lot of fun and found the liked/most hated Hi-Point smaller units is several calibers to be reliable and easy to operate. It is not a status thing for me, just results.


Rock Island doesn’t make DA/SA 1911 pistols…


They require you to cock the hammer=DA then after first trigger pull they will fire with each trigger action=SA. Do I not understand the terms?

I think you misunderstood the difference between DA and SA.

Double / Single action refers to trigger’s action only and has nothing to slide movement or cocking the hammer by hand.

If the firearm is in Single Action mode - that means your trigger’s job is only to release the sear and striker or hammer. So once you press the trigger - you have immediate “boom”.

If the firearm is in Double Action mode - that means your trigger has to cock the hammer or striker first before releasing the sear and striker or hammer. So once you press the trigger - first part of trigger movement cocks the hammer / striker, then you have “boom”.

1911 pistol design is a Single Action Only (SAO), meaning the trigger press only releases the sear. Hammer has to be cocked by hand or by slide, but this action has nothing to do with terms: SA, DA, DA/SA, SAO, DAO.


If you are looking for a fantastic 1911 model in a 9mm – I purchased the Springfield Ronan EMP. It feel and shoots awesome. It’s one of the finest handguns I’ve ever owned (and my wife would say I have a “problem” with the quantity, LOL). You can get it in a 3" or 4". My 3" is spot on with a grouping. I just looked and saw one for $740.

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I’m guessing you meant Springfield Ronin EMP


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They’re excellent. I wish I had one to go with the other 92s.

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