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And with the initial reaction and berating of his son’s actions by fellow members, I doubt Timothy94 will be posting more frequently. Congratulations Timothy94! You have raised a SON with a good heart!


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And with the initial reaction and berating of his son’s actions by fellow members, I doubt Timothy94 will be posting more frequently. Congratulations Timothy94! You have raised a SON with a good heart!

If his father didn’t want feed back on his sons experience he wouldn’t have posted it. If you do the same thing you can’t expect different results. He obviously didn’t know he was doing something wrong. With everybody’s positive feedback I don’t think he’ll repeat the same action again. ( positive feedback ) not berating.
How do feel about the feedback Timothy :question::question:



I’m interested in what type of response @deranged would think is appropriate?

The Community is made-up of situation observers who seek positive responses through situation awareness and positive reactions to scenarios they confront.

I don’t believe the responses were personally derogatory but meant to provide alternatives which may have been less dangerous at the time or in the future.

I hope we hear more from @Timothy94


@Shamrock @Alexander8 >> kids kill a lot of people. And they are not charged as an adult. Most of these bad apples should still be locked up but they are right back on the street to commit more crime. As The actor Danny Trujillo said “ juvenile detention is a prep school for prison “ why not do away with prep school. Do the crime do the time ( hard time ).
These are not humans they are animals that will shoot you easier than stepping on a bug ( hang um high )


You just took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to type the exact same thing, but then I saw your post. Great advice.


I think your son did a great thing by delivering the food to the elderly and standing off the thugs and wish we had more young people like him. You should be proud to be father.


I work in a lot of rural areas that are often economically disadvantaged or on the edge of economically disadvantaged urban areas. I have had the pleasure of being approached by verbally abusive people and groups on multiple occasions. Verbal tact does not work in all situations and you need to know how to recognize occasions when it won’t or when your approach is failing. In order for verbal tact to work people also need to leave their egos at the door as well as any attachments to right and wrong because angry people will often not respond to common sense reason.

As I stated in my original comment walking/driving away in this or similar situations would be the best move if an option. But finding a way to connect with even just one of the antagonists in an angry group can diffuse many situations. But there are certainly times when it won’t. Some people and groups can get in a mode where they can only speak violence. When that happens your only options are getting away or speaking their language.


Kids definitely can kill people. But they also can just be dumb kids. Or grow into adults who act like dumb kids. I have been on the receiving end of several situations where a group of people have decided they had a great opportunity to mess with the lone white dude passing through their territory. Not saying that was the case here but it happens a lot. Respecting their space and self perceived importance while not showing fear can go a long way in these situations.


Hey everyone. I truly love all the discussion. I am not worried about any potentially negative comments. My goal was to tell everyone about a true life situation to get everyone thinking about what would they do and hopefully this will help someone make good decisions if they are in a situation like this. Odds are any of us maybe in the same spot someday. By listening to all commentary I hope it helps. My son was new to owning a gun. He felt he was representing his college and should not be carrying when he approached the door of someone in need. In actuality his college should never have put him in this situation. They knew there was potential danger and this is why a big guy like my son was given this task. In the end I appreciate all feedback and as we all know its easy to armchair quarterback on Monday morning. I just hope by people reading all comments that they will have learned something and better prepare themselves if this were to happen to them one day.


This is pretty close to my thinking. However, the only difference being I would have called the local sheriffs office (non emergency number) or went to the station to explain reasoning for the “task at hand” and politely ask for a police escort. I know us men have a tough time swallowing our own ego, but sometimes it’s our best option.

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I’ve delivered for “Meals on Wheels” charity for a couple of years prior to my retirement. I even took my own Son and a young guy who was a “youth offender” with me so that these guys could see the devastation of poverty in some very, very rough areas in the Detroit area.

There were a couple of times that the meals that I was to deliver didn’t get delivered.

I simply called my volunteer coordinator and explained that the area wasn’t safe for me to complete the delivery. Other arrangements were made.

99% of the interactions that I had were positive, humbling and gratifying for me personally and I know for a fact, for my Son. Loneliness, poverty, despair, alcohol and drug addiction, squalor and the human connections that all of these have in common made my deliveries worthwhile.

I can remember one specific delivery on a cold and rainy Thanksgiving Day. We made a delivery to a young Man in his mid twenties who was recovering from addiction. The only other living thing in his squalid, one room apartment in a run down neighborhood was a small dog that he had taken in. As he sat with us to share with us his great appreciation for the spartan meal that we had delivered, he hand fed this little dog in front of us with absolutely no regard for satisfying his own hunger.

He taught me a lesson that day, His love for another living thing was far greater than anything that I attempted to show on that one day of deliveries.

That’s what I am left with. Did I have a gun with me? To be honest, I don’t even remember.

Just thought that I would share.


First off, it’s “mag” or “magazine”, not clip. (A 9mm pistol ain’t your father’s WWII M1 Garand.) Yeah, I hope his son got a concealed carry license and can carry from now on in ChIraq. Those “gun free zones” aren’t safe. But carrying a gun with separated magazine is just too unsafe. If he’d been knifed in the hand, he would have much trouble loading that mag and chambering a round to stop the attacks. It’s truly sad to see the thugs who label themselves BLM and cause even more grief to their own people. Kudos to the son, and I hope he learned a priceless lesson.


@Larry252 >> I am grandpa. And I used the >> M1 30 cal. - M14 30 cal. -1911 45 Acp - M2 50 cal. Machine gun - B.A.R. 30 cal. Machine gun -
105mm rocket launcher - M79 Grenada launcher -
M60 Machine gun - Also type # 93 Flamethrower -
TNT - M18 Claymore mine- And - Detonation Cord -




Let me say that I’m envious of your weapons experience.
I directed my other reply to you because you were the one who used “clip” for mag.
It was amusing that you were more triggered by the correction than I was the misuse.
And you’re probably right that I should watch my squawking. :wink:

P.S: Proper spelling is “safety”, for next time. (wink)



It’s ok good verbal self defense practice & not to bad for a one eyed Jack.

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Why couldn’t those bad guys be Guardians of their environment & be good guys keeping the bad out.

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Maybe those six guys who surrounded the car could expend some of their energy in the food delivery to the elderly and needy? Just a random, out of the box thought.


Speaking of… Curtis Sliwa running for mayor of NYC may be good news for those tired of street crime.


Well seeing all other possibilities have been covered here. Looks like your son has some sand/grit. Congratulate him for the amount courage he has


Cool. Seems like we live on the same street. I guess my advice revolves around avoiding or leaving a situation before even talking becomes necessary (unless another situation involves a greater need.)
You need to have a backup plan (Hopefully that plan involves sufficient backup) before you even start talking, just in case talking fails.
There are Way too many dynamics and potentialities to discuss in this type of forum.
I’m just trying to provide enough information to anyone listening so that they can be safe and not have to resort to any type of self defense or force of any kind, verbal or physical. Least of all, deadly.
The worst of all possible situations usually occur when folks are armed with too much ego and only a thimbleful of information.


Agree that avoidance is always best. Unfortunately, if you live and/or work in sketchy areas you often can’t afford to avoid every potentially sketchy encounter. You have to trust your gut and be ready for all outcomes. As you said too many possible outcomes to have a specific playbook.

Going into encounters prepared for the worst is a good idea. But going into encounters with inflexible pre judgements and expecting the worse, can often make them turn out worse than necessary. I always try to treat everyone with the respect a fellow human being deserves until they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they don’t.

Fortunately for me most of my work and play occurs in remote areas. So encounters are usually few and far between. But when they do occur I can’t count on anyone but myself for help.