#Backtheblue What's the best conversation about firearms you've had with a police officer?


We were at a local restaurant for lunch when my kids were younger (preteens) and I was starting to get into the carry lifestyle. A police officer came in and one of my kids loudly said, “You should ask him what gun he carries!” I turned all sorts of red!

It led to a great conversation with the police officer about the gun and taser on his utility belt and what he prefers to carry off duty. The kids learned a lot and asked good questions.

Another great conversation with a police officer was while we were at an event in San Francisco where the officers there for crowd control and they all had an assortment of gear and guns. @Heather and I were debating what gun the officer closest to us was carrying. We came to a consensus and asked if we were right. We were - and he was very impressed. Evidently, not a lot of women openly discuss firearms in San Francisco. :woman_shrugging:

What great/entertaining conversations have you had with the police about firearms?

What is your favorite local shooting range and why?

He was carrying a Sig P226!


I was talking to my friend who is a police officer, (when I first met him), that I was part of a small group of people and local businesses, that kept an eye on the neighborhood at night. He asked me, “are you strapped up out here? I hope you are.” I said, “yes, sir!” His next reply was this, "you are smart, the local DA is cutting patrols here, and shifting us to the North end. (Hood). “Start teaching your friends to get over their fears, and start learning to use one. Take a safety and training course.” So, I did. I convinced 3 people to do so. Get on it, everyone!


I talked to a tribal warden once by my deer camp. He told me to always carry in the woods. He was telling me that meth labs were a rare but serious problem and told me the signs to look out for. Apperantly people break into deer camps to cook during the summer when they expect not to run into anyone. Driving into that situation can be deadly. Wardens are very underappreciated. I don’t envy their job. Missing deer season to approach angry people with guns. Nah.


The most interesting was a discussion about how loud a 357 mag really is. First I told him, then he got out his 9, and me my 357, and I showed him. He’s a friend who was off duty. Needless to say, he’s a believer in the “CRACK” that comes with .357 mag. We both had ear protection in, but it’s still loud.


A couple of times I’ve had conversations in fast-food places when officers have come in. If they don’t seem in a rush, I usually ask about what they carry and their carry rig if it’s not something I’m familiar with. Every time that’s happened, they’ve been awesome, cordial, informative.

The other major win was on a CA pro-2A forum. We’d had a very up-close-and-personal interaction with some CA law enforcement that had gone badly (not a story for on here). The result was I was getting a rapid education in CA gun law so I could make sure our lawyer knew what he needed to. I had popped onto the forum to ask for folks to point me to resources for information and an officer who was also on the forum PM’d me to offer his assistance in finding resources. He pointed me in the right direction, gave me several firearms lawyers to contact, and then spent a couple of hours on the phone with me educating me in everything I need to know about interaction with officers. Things I had no idea about like the difference between being free to go / detained / under arrest and what rules apply, as well as how to determine which is actually operating at any given time. Things about what a CA LEO can and can’t ask or do regarding firearms in all sorts of circumstances.
He was really helpful, answered every question, gave me both legal insight (and where to check it) and the insider’s LEO view (both good attitude and bad attitude) of where the line was with the law, plus options for dealing with LEO who were pushing it.
Given our personal experience I was really taking a dim view of the whole blue crew, but he put a totally different face on it for me. He showed up as a hero for me, and I’m still grateful to him.