Background Check Unresolved

I live in Nevada and going through the same issue with a unresolved on my background check, what gun shop did you buy your firearm from

I’ve been told before that if you’ve had certain levels of security clearance or if you’ve lived in some states that aren’t 2A friendly, these can hold up the background check.

The non-2A states just drag their feet on providing any criminal history and in the case of security clearances, they need to have someone cleared to see that information. Seems silly as the check should just say yes/no. There shouldn’t be any sensitive information in the response.

I am not sure in general about security clearances.
I once had an extremely high clearance with a minimum of TS/SCI + (special programs), and did not have any difficulty purchasing a firearm, though I did purchase some before all the background checks, and those since have been since I left the government and have ceased to have the clearance…

Is there an issue with current security clearances or is it just a limited experience you have seen.

My gun shop didn’t call out any specific clearance level. My first gun was delayed, but I expect it was because I had previously lived in Massachusetts and then Maryland.

Hey Jim, this was at Precision. The staff are friendly and has been patient with my process as well without any judgement. Definitely out of their control. Obviously, my 90 day has passed and the firearms are still in my possession.

So I found out it was due to an arrest I had when I was in California as a teenager. It was on hold because FBI couldn’t contact the police department that had my information on file or waiting for them to send them information about my arrest. However, the arrest did not lead to any convictions or jail time - and it was so long ago and I don’t even remember what the arrest was for. Fortunately, I don’t have a criminal record.

Fast forward to today, after the unresolved status, I am now a CCW holder and can purchase a firearm without these checks and wait time. :slight_smile: - I got my CCW for this reason.

Hope this helps.

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Hey, is this Precision in enterprise with the firing range? I have the same issue that I am trying to resolve due to a trespassing (skateboarding) case that I had when I was a minor. I know for sure that I can have the gun, i’m just having a tough time getting the info from the San Diego Sheriff department.

I got worried when I applied for my CCP. In Utah they have 60 days to “process” the application. Some folks get theirs in a week or two so after 4 weeks I started getting nervous. I have no major crimes but I also didn’t spend my life sitting on the couch either. I got it in the mail on the 58th day.