Backcountry Backup: Defending Your Life and Property | USCCA

Enjoying a remote adventure, alone or among family and friends, combines the pristine grandeur of a wilderness setting with your comfort level of your outdoor know-how and self-reliance skills. A vital part of that comfort zone is knowing how to prepare should you ever encounter a situation in defense of life or property (DLP). Even venturing into managed areas such as national parks, designated wilderness areas, refuges and other outdoor recreation sites — particularly those with expansive sections of remote backcountry — requires the prudent outdoor adventurer to maintain a heightened level of DLP awareness and readiness.

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We can carry here in Tennessee Wild Life Management Areas.

An excellent article and very informative but, I don’t care for anyone to say that there is ”absolutely no reason” for one to carry a firearm because of the threat of an attack from wildlife. As long as there are ” human beings” on this earth, there is ”always a reason” to carry a firearm.


All I can say is if the perpetrator gets the drop on you, you don’t have a chance, all of the concealed carry guns in the world are not going to save you, That is when you start praying

Amen brother

I thought the Fed’s passed law allowing concealed carry inside of National parks?