Back Pack CCW?

My pockets are typically full already.


Me I am not a fan of off body carry to many things can go wrong if the shtf that is just my opinion can’t protect your family if you can’t get to your firearm hope this helps


A backpack for more than one day trip will usually cover your pants pockets. Chest gun bag/holster sits right on your upper chest. Easy retrieval.


I never said I carried in a backpack.


It takes me 1.5 seconds to draw from my shoulder holster and to point shoot a head shot with the on demand laser

I see. It was pretty confusing because I asked OP questions specifically about backpack carry, and you quoted me and answered them

Confusing because I have an opinion on training, or is there something else?

Confusing because I was specifically asking the person who carries in a backpack about how they retrieve the pistol from the backpack, and you responded, but your response was not about backpack carry.

I am also a bit unclear what your opinion is…do you have an opinion on carrying your primary defensive pistol in a backpack? Do you do drills retrieving a pistol from a backpack, and if so, how long does it take you to react, draw, fire, and get hits with two hands or with only using one hand?

I do have an opinion. I have carried my weapon in a backpack and a briefcase. It’s not my preferred carry method, but sometimes circumstances force my hand. However, my opinion is valid only for me. I can tell you what I prefer for myself, but anyone else has to make that decision for themselves. I can point someone in the direction of information, but me telling someone else what is “good” or “bad” about a particular carry method is like me telling someone else why they should love chocolate cake. Not my call.

I practice with my current carry method, whatever that happens to be. When I carried in a backpack or briefcase, I practiced.

I would have been able to answer only the first two - and then only partially. I have not found a gun range that allows drawing a weapon from concealment. However, I never timed it. In my opinion, knowing how many seconds - or fractions of a second - it takes me to draw my weapon is a piece of useless information. If I have to draw my weapon, I want to be sure I do so as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Consequently, I practice drawing as quickly as I can. I’m not interested in the numbers. I also don’t know the corollary timings for other carry locations I use.

I know that doesn’t answer all of your questions.


Thank you.

My opinion is that knowing how long it takes to bring the firearm into play is important to know as it is highly relevant to deciding just how reasonable a method is, or is not. I find quantifying things quite valuable, that’s why we use targets at known distances to measure our ability to hit and why we (should) use shot timers in general. It’s just more complete information to better make informed decisions.


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Those who do it often refer frequently to let’s go backpack. Mine goes in a tactical zip bag across my chest, maybe 1.5 to 2 seconds retrieval. Usually loaded with FMJ since animal encounters are potentially more than bad guys. Although a Ranger once recommended someone, even in on a Scout trek carry cause some bad boys do hide out in the wilderness.

Have you timed that?

1.5 seconds from beep to hit(s) on target drawing from inside a bag is FAST.

I replied had it out and in my hands that fast. With other Scouts and adults around quick shooting might not be best. Usually in rear end of hikers.

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Maybe that’s what your backpack is for :wink:

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Depends on the pants. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or how low they are worn… :sunglasses:

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