AZ police tase 2 parents and arrest another for allegedly trying to get their...


Hard to blame the parents for not trusting the police to protect their children after Uvalde. But parents running in also makes their job significantly more difficult.

One more reason to have armed staff in the school to respond immediately before a bunch of other people with no idea what is going on show up.


Scary when a Government Agency physically tells you you can’t take care of your child’s safety.


I pass by this school on my way to our local range.

It is not exactly in the best of neighborhoods.
However, there has been very few details about the cause of the lockdown to begin with. The big news is the worried parents being tased.

IMHO there needs to be better communication overall about these situations.

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Folks worried about their kids, I get that. I also understand that some Leo’s are not handling this too well these days. However trying to interfere with Leo’s doing their job is not very smart.


El Mirage School Parents

This adds more context to the aftermath.
The situation had been resolved. The police were letting the parents go to the school to get their child.
One of the persons tased was walking with his mother but the police saw he had a gun and asked him to stop. He failed to comply and ended up getting tased to prevent him from going any further.
Bad situation for the parents and the police. A large group of anxious parents moving in a semi-orderly way but someone bringing a gun onto the school grounds in the middle of it.

If the situation is resolved, best not to carry a gun onto the school grounds in the chaos of concerned parents.

Still no real details on what caused the lockdown outside of someone had brought a weapon onto the grounds to begin with.

If I was standing outside my kids’ school and was told there was an active shooter inside, the police would need more than tasers to keep me outside. I can’t imagine what it was like for the parents at Uvalde.