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I like Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. It’s specific to mathematics, but along the same vein, no philosophical system can prove itself.

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

This is true, an yet another reason why Rand’s belief of “Reason” as the sole arbiter of any system of truth is bound to fail.

As usually happens, I opened a can of worms on this posting. I’ve seen the film based on the novel - made in three parts - in 2011, 2012, and 2014 - and I have to say that this 41/2-hour project takes a concentrated effort to watch - I’ve never seen such a combination of character and plot development since THE GODFATHER films. On the “lighter” side, check out Kurt Vonnegut’s novels - which I once bought, borrowed, and binge-read years ago - and George Carlin and Dennis Miller bits on UTUBE. If none of these appeal to your common sense, or influence you in taking a minimalist approach to your dealing with life in these maddening times, nothing might - amen. FYI


In spite of the fact that it took 3 films to cover the story, I found them to be rushed.
The book plods on about character motivations, and why certain people or certain institutions fail, and how they’re all interconnected, etc. That’s a very difficult thing to accomplish in a movie without putting the audience to sleep. So what we end up with in the films is a fairly vanilla story without any of the spice that gives people such strong reactions for/against the book.


I spent some time trying to figure out just where the hell this show is coming from, its been disavowed from the woke left, who believe that its reactionary conservative forces in the media who proposed it, write it, act in it and watch it.

The best comment that I have seen about it is this, " If Yellowstone was a liberal show aimed at liberal politics, its foundational principle would be reformation, right? But the conservative principle of Yellowstone is withdrawal. It is to withdraw from social institutions and double down on the family as the only thing that can save you."

I will see if I can find the demographics of people who are watching it as from the left POV, its a conservative tv show made by conservatives in reaction to all of the left’s woke TV.

To be honest I just don’t know enough as of yet to decide that its the left putting up a straw-man to beat down or if its a creation of the right to dig against woke TV.

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Interesting. That actually does help me to find a place it fits.

I suppose I would characterize it as good old country values and self-reliance run amuck with all the moral limits removed, which as I tried to verbalize, is actually an incompatible act with the values in question,

It’s why it feels like a surreal experience to watch it. The setting is right, the general attitude towards facing reality as it is, is right, but the actions take a sideways turn as if the values that underpin them have been twisted, skewed, or just don’t line up.

Many of us feel that part of what is being done, is that media targeted for conservative consumption is being skewed to both inflame conservatives about false outrage, and, to represent conservatives to conservatives, as being corrupt in ways they will not simply recognize and walk away from at the very start. I long ago rejected fox news for this very reason. With the feedback from you, I might sooner put Yellowstone in that category now, as opposed to any other. What’s sick, to me, is that interweaved with the very reprehensible examples of behavior, are some beautiful examples of the good behaviors those values lead too.

It’s Like a sickly-sweet odor that turns your stomach and leaves your head swirling, until you have recognized the disorientation for what it is and can adjust.

I feel a grateful to have had this conversation for the different point of view you brought to the subject.

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It’s happening.

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Yes!!! It surely is. :roll_eyes:

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