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not gun related.
but, I figured that enough vets are on this site. an that you should be aware of what is coming down the line.

The Congressional Budget Office put together ways to save the taxpayer money, unfortunately they made 3 suggestions that removed Disability Benefits to DISABLED VETERANS!!! If your HOUSEHOLD make between 125,000-170,000 you would lose a portion of your benefits, OVER 170,000 and you get NOTHING. Oh there’s more. Over 67? you lose a benefit for being unemployable. And finally, if you’re over 67 you would automatically lose 30% of any disability benefit payments you would be entitled to. Thanks Government!


Thanks Leo.


I would not put it past them. It would likely be political suicide for them. Screwing disabled Vets would give conservatives a major talking point. I don’t think it would fly, but if someone is thinking about it, it is a very bad thing.

The left hates guys and gals like us anyway. They know how conservative we are as a general rule.


absolutely no problem.
this will screw me to friggen bastards :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
if they want to save money why don’t they 1st ask Ukraine for it and second they (congress) should be not getting as much as they do


Well joy !!! I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet thanks to Uncle Sam and his chemicals. My SS retirement doesn’t add up to the amount you stated but if they want to cut 30% because I’m now an old fart they had better reconsider that thought :wink:


I agree 100% :+1: with you I’m gulf war (1991) 100% unemployable vet


I think by now the conservative base (congress) has more talking points than a 55 gallon drum of skittles. They just lost their tongues and their integrity. The only one’s speaking up for us, is us!

I would be extremely entertained by the notion of a mass political suicide!


Whatever congressman supports this is trash and needs to be voted out regardless of party.


WOW!, Thanks for the headsup :us:


Thanks for the heads-up! @leo23

IU or TDIU under 38 USC / CFR comes under fire on a cyclical basis. The below explains what it is.

Your best bets are the way you vote, communicate with your representatives, and support Veteran’s Service Organizations. The VSOs testify and lobby legislators on behalf of veterans.

I worked as a Service Officer for AMVETS for near 20 years so I’m a little biased but will say do your homework and join or support one or more to have your voice heard.



thanks for the heads up. I finally got my TDIU in 2016 after fighting for everything for 9 years. I am a life member of VFW, AMVETS, American Legion, PVA and DAV. while I was out in Snowmass Co. for the winter sports clinic they (DAV) were set up to help with all of the claims and in 2016 finally received 100% permanent with caregiver allotment. it was very nice when I received that deposit in the bank for sure. paid off or down everything and bought a home.


And Biden, Milley et al wants to know why they can’t find new recruits.
Like it or not, we’re at war and we’re perilously low on munitions, ships, and personnel.
This isn’t the time for the government to be hosing veterans, *nor the rest of the country. *


Same here, been fighting them since 2012. Had to hire a lawyer :angry: and still they haven’t seen fit to really evaluate my issues…


Y’all are going to hate me, but I’m not 100% opposed to this strategy… at least looking at it to see if it’s viable.

This is an ongoing fight in my house. My spouse wants me to file for disability for a number of things that happened to me while I was in. For her, I think it’s more about recognition than it is money, but I will admit it would be nice to visit a VA without getting billed for service related injuries.

But even though my wife has to put up with me, none of my problems have kept me from earning a living. I have a pretty decent job. So does my wife, and between us, we make enough that I can afford to pay for the medical care I need.

When I’m at the VA, I see people who lost legs in combat, or people who have cancer from carcinogens they used while in the service. There are a number of serious problems veterans have to deal with which keep them from living the life they could have had if they hadn’t served our country. They should get first dibs on care. If that means I have to wait in the back of the line, or I have to give up some of my benefits so that they can continue to receive theirs, I guess I’m ok with that.

I’m not saying this is the right answer, I’m just saying I’m willing to consider it. (It shouldn’t be based on household income, though. Spouses shouldn’t have to pay for service related injuries. You know what this leads to? Amicable divorces. Don’t laugh, I’ve seen happy couples go through legal divorces so that veterans can receive benefits.)

I know that some day I’ll be a broke old man, and then I’ll wish I had the VA benefits that I’m saying I don’t need. But honestly, the VA system is a labyrinth I can’t navigate, anyway; I gave up trying to get help from them a long, long time ago.


the DAV is who helped me the most


Neither the VFW or the DAV have been of ANY help. FYI, in Detroit they share office space in with the VA. Not impressed in the least with either organization.


yes my local (Cleveland) DAV sucks too. but, when I went to the disabled veterans ski clinic in Snowmass Colorado they were there and they got the ball rolling for me. so I would suggest that you contact the national headquarters DAV and talk to them.
P.M. me if you want more info


Having a representative who has an office at the VA may be good thing. At least he or she is in a position to talk to a Rater or Coach.

Getting the right advocate is crucial. Having a representative who assembles your claim with required forms and evidentiary documents is the first step. Being able to decipher a rating decision and respond to a less than favorable decision is paramount.

Denials and low ratings are common. The VSO should be able to read the decision and determine why you are not satisfied and suggest the proper path to remedy the situation.

Reviews are generally quicker than Appeals and just as effective.

File a Supplemental Claim if you have new and relevant evidence that we didn’t consider before.

Request a Higher-Level Review if you believe there’s an error with the decision on your claim. You can’t submit any new evidence. Explain the error in detail.

You can also request a Board Appeal by filling out VA Form 10182.

The BVA Docket is a years long process to be avoided if possible.

A VSO who knows the law and can interpret a decision statement is vital!


That figures.When judgement day comes politicians will be fed feet first into the hottest part of the fire.


No, the VA won’t cut your disability pay if you make too much money (

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