Attending NRA convention (cancelled) and USCCA Expo

Planning to attend both if they are actually held. Never been to a USCCA event since the one in K.C, was cancelled and would have been my first. Holding it in Fort Worth is a good choice.
The NRA convention in Houston is also a good choice. The last one there was a good venue. Hopefully there will be some interesting results from the membership meeting, since the organization leadership needs an overhaul.

I receiving statements that my membership has expired and to rejoin. My NRA membership was a 5 year membership 3 years ago.


That’s because NRA supports Einstein’s theory of general relativity. :wink:


NRA has sent out emails stating the convention in Houston has been cancelled due to covid-19 concerns.


150 won’t be remembered…

I’m wondering…
One month later… the same State… different expo… :grimacing: :neutral_face:

Been a member for years. I renew on an annual basis. I had considered in the past of doing a life membership. But at time I was going to do it . Lots of stuff started happening so I delayed that till new leadership is installed. I do FPC,GOA,VCDL,and Grassroots NC

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Actually, originally I did sign up for an expensive life membership. But they screwed up somehow. That screw up created concern deep down thinking if they can’t get that right what else could happen. So I blew it off. A year later they offered a 5 year membership for $100. I’m reluctant to renew now that I know they’re a screw Ed up organization. There are othe growing organizations that are much better.

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Since there hasn’t been any changes to the leadership problems in the NRA, I was hoping to see several of us bring up issues during the membership meeting. They can ignore letters and phone calls but during the meeting when they are on the stage it’s harder to hide. There are always some media leeches attending that are looking for issues to report and any proposed actions to address those issues. There needs to be some serious accountability to the membership regarding the expenditures to run the organization. The ILA group will have a harder time with transparency, but since they booted Chris Cox I don’t have a lot of faith in their effectiveness.

I guess we’ll have to see if Louisville happens next year.

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I think we should send Wayne lots of$$ .

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Yeah they are going to have to do a little better for me to give them my membership money. A new Pres and top end at the very least. Once thats done. Gradually look at the board to see who’s actually doing what. I was an annual member since I was 14. There were breaks all along way. But always maintained my assoc