ATF's Poorly Trained 'Operator's' are a threat to Public Safety....


There is a lack of consensus even among the special operations community about who deserves the title: Operator. Some say only members of our Tier One units Delta and DEVGRU deserve the title, but this would leave out MARSOC Raiders, the majority of Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Air Force special operators and a whole bunch of Rangers.

Most special operators don’t care too much about the title. Besides, operator is a mindset, it’s not a tab or a badge, but one this is crystal clear**: ATF SRT members are not operators. Their use of the term is an insult. They’re hardly even law enforcement. They are thugs with guns – poseurs in pricey Crye MultiCam – paid for by your taxpayer dollars. They are hammers who view every law-abiding gun owner as a nail.**

Given their poor training and complete lack of professional leadership, it is only a matter of time before an SRT member kills another innocent American citizen in their home.

These people need to be disbanded before more Innocent Law Abiding Gun owners ‘Bite the dust’