ATF gets away with it again

I live in LR, Arkansas and it is a sad day for us. ATF is not liable for their mistakes and they are trained LEO.

Then why are the rest of us “Civilians” held to a higher standard and held for our mistakes??


Waco. Do I need to say anything else?!?!?


This Figures Brother.
But I have Question(s) for you.
**Who say’s they are Trained?
** Who trains them? Their own?
There was a report (posted here I believe)
The ATF are self trained (in house)
For the bare minimum of time. (2 months? Weeks? I forget)
If anybody remembers please repost
They OBVIOUSLY do what they want.
Play by their own set of rules
The people they 'Investigate rarely survive the encounter
(Dead men tell no tales huh?)
And just WHAT did Mr. Malinowski do to ‘deserve’ such treatment? they never proved/said anything.
Is the Prosecutor a Biden appointee?
Mr. Malinowski couldn’t have been questioned/Arrested at the Airport he ran?
OBVIOUSLY a dangerous Criminal, flight risk (get it?)
Questioned to DEATH in the middle of the night after removing all Badge identifiers and
taping over the door cam… If one was a Conspiracy Theorist…

Sounds more like
1938 Germany to me.

Mi dos pesos


Then there was the retaliation cause of Waco.

I thought they were prior military or police to be an ATF agent. Being a government agency has to be trained. Are they just rouge or vigilantes with no boundaries??

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Brother, I wish I could answer that for you.
I wish I could remember the article I read.
All I know is they are the least trained up Alphabits
They have the gall to call themselves ‘Operator’s’
They really think they are Badass. (12 week operator’s?)
Contractor’s I’ve known didn’t call themselves Operator’s
Their training was top tier and they didn’t need to show case it.
They just did it!
I don’t think you can just apply for Batf, At least you need to be a LEO
but that’s a guess and I don’t like guessing often.


Basically the same requirements to be a WM greeter.


There’s Professor K!
Welcome to the party Pal!

These guy’s (ATF) reminder me of the small town SWAT crews
(maybe 10 guy’s) in a town of 5000 who buy APC’s and Full Auto
Machine guns waiting for the chance to use all their toys at the local Speedway robbery.


That’s terrifying.


• Willing to shoot dogs


Hey Dusty,
I don’t think I welcomed you Brother, Mea Culpa Sir.
Welcome to the Fold.
As for Poor Bryan, same as it ever was the last three years with these
Criminals and their Agencies (Hit squads) He pee’ed on someone’s shoes.
No doubt.
Innocents die by the bushel with this crew. Personal Cooks, Aides, People
who don’t toe the line get fried.
Maybe Jim Jordan will have another Delegation, Write a ‘Strongly worded Letter’
That’ll have them shakin’ in their $2000 Penny loafers!
Jordan and Company know how to play the game, play his part in this farce.
Nothing will come of it. Like Commander the Biden’s dog All bite No Bark!

Anyone who stops the flow of riches gets Epsteined.


No worries, and thank you. And no, that’s not any reassurance. I don’t wanna die, that’s why I carry. I don’t wanna die by local good ol’ boys, I don’t wanna die by ATF death squad. I don’t wanna die under Trump OR Biden, so let’s just say I’m a bipartisan hater. I would really like to see the ATF change its ways. Ruby Ridge was under Dubya; Waco Texas was under Clinton. It all boils down to the same thing. The upper powers are out of touch with reality, and shouldn’t be trusted. So I’m willing to grasp any hope of change where I see some change – the recent bump stock rulings, vacating the pistol brace rule (or whatever the correct legal grammar of that is), the injunction against what it means to be in the business… These largely seem to be happening in the lower courts, and here’s to hoping it continues in the right direction.




Lesson to be learned. If your front door is breached in the dark while you are asleep…when you react be very indiscriminent with your gunfire. Have many magazines at your disposal. Shoot high. Shoot low. Shoot through walls and barriers.The ATF is there to murder you! Drive them back with superior gunfire. Get your wife and children involved in a home defense plan. You and your family are up against indescriminant killers bent on a mission to KILL YOU! Take out as many as possible!

Maybe someday people might question why? Haven’t yet, but maybe someday…


I’ve been kind of curious about the loosening physical fitness standards of federal law enforcement. The young guys come in pretty fit from their time with the “teams” or SOF, but then they start to look like they are from the elite “Gravy Meals from Meal Team 6”.

I’m the last person to make fun of someone’s appearance, I’m old, tired and my body has broken. But if my job had a component that would include me being involved in clearance operations I would keep myself in better shape for damn sure.


Yes they are Johnn_F


Biden’s DOJ is corrupt ,think they are above the law. With woke lawyers letting criminals go and taking regular citizens to jail for any reason they can think of.


It’s a DUCKING travesty. Next thing you know, they’ll be arresting the dead bodies for being in the way of LEO bullets. As it was, Malinowski was taken out by one of the ATF cells.