ATF Director Dettelbach Revealing Change of Course at Harvard

I AM having a REAL problem w/ the Bull---- this Corrupt administration is trying to pull in regards to OUR GOD given RIGHTS and FREEDOM’s!. This is clearly (to me) a serious Violation of .gov over reach and DECEPTION on the part of this bureaucracy that has zero credibility anymore in being a branch of gubment that is given UNLIMITED power OVER the people it was designed to PROTECT and serve. The fact that they think they can MAKE LAWS and do as they please just because Mr. 10% is giving them a blank check to DISARM WE THE PEOPLE because WE pose a threat (real or imagined) to their Narrative of guns should only be in the hands of Gubment and Law enforcement.
24.4 MILLION+ MSR’S in the hands of Lawful Citizens could be the deciding factor against any and all Invaders and Enemies Foreign and Domestic if the SHTF and we are forced to DEFEND Home and hearth. They are clearly trying to take a page out of a well worn playbook other countries in the past have used in neutering the rights of it People.


John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton

British politician and historian (1834-1902)


Kissing babies then stealing their lollipops. Typical


And the question remains … “What are individuals prepared to do about it?”

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“Kissing babies then stealing their lollipops”. Typical

From Hunt from the Red October correct? Richard Jordan/Jeffrey Pelt

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Not kissing, sniffing