Assistance For Certified Instructor Training

Hello everybody !

I hope you have had an awesome Christmas and got plenty of gun stuff !

well, I wanted to ask you if someone I can be referred to in my area, which is the inland empire area of California, im searching for certified instructor cert, I recently went to the course with a training counselor who was an honest nightmare and incredibly disrespectful, I was forced to take my money back. and ultimately file a complaint against him because of his conduct within the class and the range
due to my personal discipline, I will not name him or his training brand, he knows who he is.

I am wanting to take a second go at becoming an instructor under the umbrella of the uscca with someone that does not mistreat their students

a side note: kind of an odd on I guess, there is another training counselor in the high desert area which is about an hour or so from where I live, but they teach at a place I used to work at, and the employers do not allow former employees within their store after they work there…

any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated…

cheers all

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I guess the person who knows the least will try to find you an answer. :slightly_smiling_face:
Did you look here?

Search for In-Person Training: USCCA Academy (


yes I did … no favorable results… Im just gonna let it go… what I experienced with the training counselor was disgusting…