Assigned At Birth?

I keep hearing this “Assigned at birth.” stuff, makes no sense to me But, after hearing it enough I tried to embrace it by asking, What was I assigned at birth?

  1. Being a Human Being.
  2. Being a male.
  3. Having light skin.
  4. Parents that gave a damn.
  5. A brain that seems to work most of the time.
  6. A body that has tolerated the chemical and physical abuse I dished out.
  7. A geographical location that is populated by freedom loving people.

Then it occurred to me I really had no control of this stuff and I can’t change it for social cred.
I’m fortunate to be happy with what was “Assigned” to me at birth, wouldn’t want it any other way.


While driving across Utah and Nevada, recently, my wife and I listened to Pearl S. Buck’s book, The Good Earth. It recounts the tale of a Chinese peasant farmer and his family (he bought his wife from the landlord) through all sorts of trials and tribulations. We repeated many times “We are really fortunate to have not been born in China 100 years ago.” Our fates were truly assigned at birth.



Love It Love It Love It.
That blows the hell out of that “Assigned at birth” narrative.


OR Does It!?!?
If the narrative is that gender is assigned at birth, and in fact gender is assigned at conception, that would logically say life starts at conception?

Never Mind, that’s just me thinking again.


No, don’t “never mind”. That IS you thinking, and you’re RIGHT!


Given that during development, a fetus actually forms female parts first, then evolves into male parts later depending on X Y chromosomes,….

We are all female by that idea, soooo….

Another problem is that when a cell in any other part of the body begins randomly splitting and reproducing itself it’s called cancer….

Chemotherapy is MURDER!!!


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