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What Are Some Items to Keep on Hand in the Home for if the Power Goes Out?

One of your main concerns during a power outage will be to not get injured within the first minute. Stay with me here.

Picture wherever you spend the bulk of your time in your residence. Whether we’re talking about a recliner, a couch or a desk, if the power goes out and leaves you in darkness, where is the nearest flashlight?

If your answer wasn’t “right in front of me,” you might want to make some changes. If you roll an ankle or, even worse, break something in a fall within a few seconds of the lights going out, you’re in real trouble. Hedge against this kind of accident by keeping small flashlights within reach of the places you spend most of your time:"

Hi Ed;
Regarding the matter of a “Home Blackout”, I’ve been through a few of these over the years and find that using a flashlight (have one in every room) to light your way around home is better utilized by pointing the flashlight at the ceiling. In this way, the light is reflected from the ceiling and walls and actually lights up the entire room with a soft light.

If it’s not an emergency, place the flashlight on it’s end, pointed toward the ceiling, sit down and relax until the power returns. If you have additional flashlights you may want to place them in the rooms most frequently used.
The voice of experience.:slight_smile:

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