Ask an Attorney: The Answers

Last month you asked a bunch of questions on the Community for @Tom_Grieve. He sat down with @KevinM and they answered a bunch of your questions!

If you’re a Platinum or Elite member, you can see monthly episodes of Ask an Attorney on your USCCA dashboard. This video is done especially for the USCCA Online Community. If you guys LOVE it, let us (and @Tom_Grieve) know and maybe we can convince them to do other specials for the Community.

Here’s are the answers:


Darn, I missed today!

November live webinar hasn’t been scheduled. This was specifically for the community. You haven’t missed anything yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Correction: The Next Attorney Webinar Is
On Nov 21, 2019

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Thanks bro! That one was good too although not the monthly seminar.

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