As boredom sets in......lets see your projects

So boredom set in on Saturday and I decided to give all the guns a good cleaning and lube. My most recent AR build is finished minus the sling I am waiting on that is 3 months backordered so I had nothing else to tinker with. Well the cleaning was done and I just kept looking at one of my AR’s and just thought it was missing something. This was my first build about 13 years ago and I have been wanting to refresh it. I initially thought of upgrading it to some more modern parts. This takes money though that I really don’t want to spend. The rifle functions well so there is no reason to dump money into something working. Basically if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Recently I have been watching DIY battleworn videos on youtube and thought I would give that a whirl. So I pulled out some rags, sponges, scotch brite, paint and gun cleaner and went to town. This AR was originally coated in desert tan cerakote and years layer I hit it with a satin black rattle can.

I used the gun cleaner to strip some of the rattle can black off. The scotch brite was used to take some of the rattle can off the high spots and I used sponges and rags to apply some black paint for a more weathered look. Overall I am happy with the outcome. I figured if I didn’t like it in the end I could just rattle can it again or strip the rest of it off. I think this look will be here to stay for a while on this firearm.

For those that want to know the specs of the AR, here they are:

  • Spikes lower with lower kit
  • Stag Arms 1:7 upper with an M4 profile chrome lined 4150 CMV barrel and Mil-spec mag phos BCG with chrome inner lining for bolt.
  • Troy Medieval Muzzle break
  • Stark industries grip with integrated trigger guard
  • Mil-spec buffer and buffer tube
  • Magpul MOE carbine mil-spec stock
    -Midwest industries quad rail
  • Vortex strikefire red dot
  • Magpul BUIS
    -Mil-Spec charging handle
    -Magpul rail covers
  • Streamlight flashlight
  • Magpul vertical grip

Let’s see the projects keeping you busy on your off time during these wild and crazy times.


I dont have any boredom… I’ve never been as busy as I have been since march.


Here’s my project. It’s a Marlin 795. My goal is to build a great, low buck 4H rifle. Total cost in it is about 350 bucks, including the rifle itself.


I have been working full time and been going to school full time for the last 2 years and now have the summer off from school due to COVID. Still working full time but the 115 degree days here in AZ don’t leave much opportunity to get outdoors on my days off so this is the time of year the boredom sets in, lol!


Sweet marlin! :+1:


Nice AR personalization and Marlin project!

Not really worth a pic as most of the work was internal, but some of the side projects I budgeted out over the last year (most since the Pandemic started) include:

-LEM trigger kit, overtravel stop trigger, and new FP on a an old USP45
-Stainless Beretta trigger, WC improved hammer, WC grips, and a WC action tune kit (w/ WC trigger bar) on an M9
-Arched MSH, solid aluminum trigger, and WC BP sear spring install on an old Kimber 10mm


I think i’m doing it wrong… I bought a 3D printer and I’ve printed a baby yoda, some paracord spools…


I didn’t think I was bored, but my wife just decided we (or me) are building raised vegetable beds. In quickly doing a search on what is needed, I think I will be busy for a few weekends since I only plan on doing this weekend mornings and early evenings to stay away from the Florida summer sun as much as possible.

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this thread is the more appropriate place …anywho…

Your basic right out of the box Ruger .22 takedown, got it maybe 4 years ago in. The scope is a Nikon SA 9x40 (I got with my savage 308 trophy on sale package). Now my only problem with the ruger is it is so damn light! So to add a little weight. I swapped barrels with Shaw Target Barrel, Superior Concepts Charging handle (which I am still not sold on, it feels a little loose and doesn’t seem to sit properly, sometimes it won’t lock back in place), a volquartsen trigger assembly. The stock is the magpul Hunter X. The scope was from the 308 (scopes trickle down to the smaller rifles in my house) its a Burris 14x42 droptine.

And as you can see I use a tipton gun vise to do all the work, because clearly its the best gun vise (it even says so right on the side!):smiley:

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