Article "Judged by 12 or carried by 6"

In your article of the July issue you had this as the title written by Kevin. I don’t disagree with it in whole but I think many using the term judged by 12 or carried by 6 are talking mainly about government intrusion into our 2nd amendment. I would say at least 97% of the population walk around oblivious to any danger. Yet we who carry 24/7 usually are. Laws on the books restricting our right to self defense are too numerous and impossible to understand or navigate. That is what produced the tem in question. My other opinion is that we should never alter our lives because of criminals but be more vigilant. If we lived by the 2nd amendment as written that term would be nonexistent and criminals would be way less bold.


I think most people think it means they’d rather shoot than be shot.
I’ve never liked that phrase much.


People say, and then can’t help repeating, stupid things like this.


I personally thought the article was spot on. I’ve never liked the phrase myself.

However, I get the angst you express and appreciate where you are coming from.

You state, “we should never alter our lives becuase of criminals but be more vigilant.” I’m not trying to be argumentative, but isn’t carrying a gun, carrying all of the other EDC stuff, paying money for training and buying a USCCA membership altering our lives? If feels like an alteration to me.

Crossing the street to avoid a potential danger seems a lot less intrusive and troublesome than most of the other measures I’ve taken to protect myseld and my family.


That, too, is an alteration of one’s life. Being aware, situationally aware, is what the OP was referencing.

The quote is not stupid, it is accurate. If you find yourself in a bad situation, where your life is threatened, either you do nothing and risk death, or you do something and risk imprisonment.

I believe most people that state that mean that they would rather survive a life-threatening incident, even with the knowledge that they could be prosecuted for that. I believe most people view the alternative as far worse.

I also don’t care much for the expression, either, but I understand the sentiment, and as, presumably, we are all firearm owners here, or seeking to become one, we all have had to do that deep soul-searching to decide that defending ourselves and loved ones is far more important than the alternative of not doing so - knowing full-well that we could face prosecution for our actions.




Oh, the potential troubles I avoid now just because I’m carrying. It does alter lives.


If crossing the street diffuses the situation, that’s always the first choice. But I don’t consider training to be an alteration. I consider it to be an enhancement.


The first time I heard it I was in the sand box and we lived it


These people are “Bumper sticker Philosophers”. Ten words max and better if it rhymes.

That’s one of the things Master Bobby Lawrence taught us. In fact he used that exact quote. It makes complete sense to me.

Here’s a Blues song fitting the phrase.

I stumbled across a rap/hip hop song, which seemed to have a catchy beat, if you’re into such rhythms, but one of the lyrics uses the word “murderer”, which ruined the song for me, chose not to post it, despite the rest of it was snappy.

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