Arrested & told to stay away from guns. He bought 34, feds said

“Judge G. Michael Harvey’s release conditions were clear: Robertson could not own any firearms, destructive devices or dangerous weapons while his case was pending. If he owned any guns, he must relocate them within two days.

Days after his release, authorities found eight firearms at his home in Ferrum, Va., according to court documents. The judge gave Robertson a second chance, reminding him of his release conditions.”

(R) Washington Post, 2021

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This is why some LEO’s believe that they are above the law, the government condone it.


Absolutely, I believe in the letter of law.

But you are very right, sir. I believe it’s very important that first responders see a mental health professionals regularly.

I know this would not help in each case but when you come to think of it, first responders see a LOT of stuff.

Sometimes they might need someone to talk too.

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