Army field manuals.

I was looking around at a surplus shop in Radcliff Ky and found a few good manuals.Theres some killer information in these…pun intended…lol.


Great find!!!


Always a good idea to know how they think!
Great to have booby traps, but we’ll need to know that they know how to avoid them and act accordingly!
I may be a true warrior after all!
Set up fake booby traps to conceal the real booby traps.


My son came home form 6th grade, said he had to write a book report om a DM. I asked him what is a DM. He said “You know the books they have in the Army.” I said “You mean TM, Right.” he said “Yea”. Seems his teacher was an Army Vet and a very cool lady. She had TM’s in her class room just for this purpose. That was 15 years ago, I doubt she’d get away with it today…