Are you prepared to fail?

I am a retired Funeral Director and embalmer for 20 years and I had no emotional attachments either except sympathy when someone confided in me. But I had sometimes a great deal of sympathy for the family of the deceased. Not always but from time to time I certainly have.


I’ve never thought about that really. As a designated “safety” person for my office we train for what to do in the 10 minutes it takes for the EMTs to so show up. We’ve never touched on the topic of what to do in the event someone “isn’t” going to make it. It’s definitely on my notes for our next meeting. Sorry for your pain.

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10 minutes is pretty good response time. I spent 35 minutes doing chest compressions until EMS arrived. They were on another call. 15 is our usual, but we’ve seen up to an hour. Considering they’re stationed 2 miles down the road it can be disheartening at times.