Are you going to play the panic game?

It won’t happen

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A while back, I happened to see the warning signs, so I looked for models which offered options in magazine capacity. Some manufacturers may later start making smaller capacity mags to help us remain legal, while the manufacturer might still help their “bottom line”.

If anyone hears how it is finally panned out, please post any news flashes. Be safe.

Well it did in 1994…
Thankfully it expired!

The Democrats and the Obama and Biden administration are the best firearms sales people I know. Anytime they talk about gun violence and laws that they want to pass sales go up. My only concern is are they going to tax ammo like they do with cigarettes and alcohol. People are still smoking and drinking. where there is a will there is a way How can they 'police" what was already purchased? Stay alert

By banning it.

Once illegal, very few people will ever use it for anything again. If your firearm becomes federally illegal to possess, you probably would choose not to take it to the range, or out hunting, won’t be able to sell it (do you really own something if you can’t sell it?), would be excluded from that additional USCCA member benefit due to possession of a weapon in violation of federal law, would have an automatic like 2.5 strikes against you in court in the jury’s mind I imagine just by hammering the illegal weapon angle, etc.

Oh and if you do take it somewhere, but get pulled over and LE find it, or use it in defense, whatever, maybe you are perfectly legal otherwise, but they passed a law on it after you purchased it so hello 10 years in prison

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For Those that may be curious, her is the link to the Senate Bill:

In my humble opinion, not good. The worst part is on the sale of firearms.

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Alcohol is not the best option, it takes 22 lb’s of corn kernels to make one gallon of ethanol. Why did brandon allow for this? Food will cost much more.

Well it would be better than a mule and a plow, when you can’t get petroleum based fuel.

And I’m already feeling it with corn prices. It is $9 per bushel now. It was $7 per bushel last month and $5 per bushel in 2019

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I agree with a better option than a mule and a plow. I think for an energy policy of a nation currently without additional farming pretty stupid idea. Sorry if I offended anyone!

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Damn right! Corn is best used feeding livestock. Dinosaur juice is best used for fuel. My hogs can’t eat petroleum…

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