Are you going to play the panic game?

If I’m reading this correctly, Brandon wants your AR-15s, magazines over 5 round capacity and 9mm Parabellums.

New restrictive policies are threatening as they always are in response to tragic mass murders
In the past, this has translated into ammo shortages,
magazine shortages and gun shortages among other hassles.
What was available was often lower quality or an unknown off-brand
and outrageously overpriced,
It didn’t, and doesn’t discourage murderous scum in the least, but it did stifle legitimate gun owner’s training opportunities and discourage non gun owners from obtaining a firearm for protection.

We all know this happens, so how will it effect you?
Can you resist panic buying?
What will you tell friends or relatives who want to exercise their 2A rights, but are prevented right now by a lack of supply and maybe this coming riotous summer of love :roll_eyes:, when Congress is up to legislative mischief?

I’m sitting this one out


Me too, I have what I need and some to spare. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, same here.


I gotta admit, I thought strongly about buying a couple of more magazines then my better judgment took over. I’ve got what I need.


This will never happen. And if it does, it’ll get undone pretty quickly…long before they get any.


I bought myself a 9mm Luger pistol yesterday. But I’d been eyeing it for awhile, just-because. No politics related reason.

I told myself I would sell two of my current pistols to offset the cost, which would reduce my total amount.

I will probably sell those two…prices are kind of down right now, considering how much prices of other things are up, though, I’d definitely take a loss


Do questions like this have to be so hostile?

But no I won’t be changing my habits at all other than making more frequent contact with my elected Representatives and assuring them that their votes will definitely affect mine and others voting come November.


What’s hostile in that comment?

No panic here. Preparation, story of my life, after I quit drinking anyways :wink:
Looking hard at solar generators today. Narrowed down to 2, both US manufactured.


I’m dying to hear how one generates solars…


Nope not playing
gona sit this one out too



Please, anyone but china…wonder who they stole the plans from…


Ri Gong Tai Yang Xing Jun (Tai Yang Gong/Grandfather Sun) or Star Lord of the Solar Palace, Lord of the Sun.


Solar deity - Wikipedia.


What happens if they have a Solar Flare? :sun_with_face: :fire: Fried rice? :thinking:


What have you found to be the better two. I was looking at Jackery or Generac for deer camp. Few outlets one ceiling fan couple light bulbs.


“Not” saying the views and opinions expressed in this attached writing reflect my views, but it seemed to come off as a bit more neutral than what I’ve seen of late.

The attached source is usually one-sided as are most articles I’ve seen; So I was surprised to read its more low key tone. Perhaps its value is its tale/story:

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This place has an on/off grid “bundle” that will feed a 110V outlet once it’s fully charged, which makes it good for permanent hook up. I ended up chatting with a bot however, which ruined my enthusiasm for the day…
Liking this stuff, emp shield is a cable, not a bag :wink:…unfortunately, it’s a $700+ cable…but could prove to be a good investment. (Jackery is Chinese)
Appreciate you mentioning Generac…on their site now…go Cheeseheads!!


I’ve heard a ton fo bad about Generac. No powerwall?

I’m actually coincidentally in the market, based on shooting matches I’ve been attending, so I’ll probably do a little extra buying.

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In the larger scheme of things Panic Buying may be a good thing, it signals that People want guns. People want AR’s. Every background check that goes through scares the heck out of anti gunners. If you have something you want, it’s available and a reasonable price buy it.

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I’ll buy what I can use
but I’m not going to pay through the nose for it.

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