Are You Ammo Picky 2022?

Sorry, I’ll get it for you

I’ve never been picky about range ammo. I stayed away from the bottom barrel stuff, but would typically buy whatever was cheapest. I can find reasonable ammo in my area, except for good defensive ammo – 9mm+P for example is still hard to find.

I’m not usually picky, but sometimes cheap ammo just stinks and makes my firearms extra dirty. Honestly I’ll pay an extra buck or two for cleaner ammo. Sounds stupid, I know, but I could swear in a court of law that not all powder is the same.


Simply based on my own subjective performance with various brands, I have settled on Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr and Remington Range 115gr. Both of these shoot fairly clean and I always seem to achieve tighter groups with them.

A local gun store just had a big sale on ammo, and I picked up the Remington for $14.50/box. I’ve been finding the Blazer (#5200) online for $16 - $18 per box, usually as a “subscriber” or “member” sale. Also, I only buy online when there’s a way to get free shipping.

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FWIW, my top pick for range ammo is 124gr Speer Lawman, then Fiocchi. After that any brass-cased clean-burning 9mm.

I also have a couple cases of CCI MiniMags on hand because it’s reliable, clean, doesn’t lead my barrels and not much more expensive than the cheaper stuff.

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I think I’m starting to be more careful of ammo purchased. Does it mean “picky” at this point?
Anyway, shelves are filling up with better stuff these days.
I saw Fiocchi, CCi and Sellier&Bellot at LGS yesterday.


the only things that makes me picky is how much of a dent in my wallet will getting it make. Puts me in mind of the saying; rich ppl don’t get rich by giving their money away. if it goes bang with any consistency at a good price, read under 35 cents per round or lower, I’ll buy it.

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Thx God, good stuff is for $0.30 these days… LGS still wants $0.40 - $0.50, but Internet opens unlimited possibilities.
Don’t be afraid to purchase Turkish ammo. It’s very clean and reliable. :+1:

Yes, I only use a single brand and type, I believe consistency matters whether it be at the range or EDC.

I bought some Winchester (White Box) .223 stuff a while back, it’s in the bottom of my can now. The stuff smells like ammonia when you shoot it. I lit off 20 rounds and my wife and son both said “My God what is that smell…”.

LOL, there are some brands and batches of ammo I have gotten that have smelled really wonky. Funny thing I either like the smell of shot ammo or hate it.