Are you a sheepdog?

That’s the question. Are you willing too go out as a civilian and put your life on the line for people you dont know if something comes to you in say a restaurant or movie theater of course you will protect your self and family but would you stick around to protect the sheep you dont know. I know a few people who say they are. Me myself i think of much of the world are wolf’s not sheep and my self included and my only responsibility is to my own pack


That’s a very complex question. My first priority is of course my family, but I don’t think anyone is a sheepdog 100% of the time. It’s going to be a case by case basis.

Let’s change out restaurant or movie theater for a school your family can leave safely you have the means and tools to stop a threat. Kids are screaming for help. Do you leave?

I think the situation 100% dictates how much of a risk we are willing to take.


The police, who are paid to do what you say, don’t even do it. So how can a civilian go out and ruin their lives for those the police won’t even protect. It would be different if you had the backing of police/prosecutors. But most of them are anti-2A and anti-self defense with a firearm.

Its me and my family/friends… few others.


Unfortunately the risk of criminal prosecution is greater than most peoples desire to do good. I ha e no doubt that if that risk were not there more would be willing.


@Sheepdog556 is a sheepdog…

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Very situational for me. If I am seeing raw aggression, a deadly threat, and a helpless seeming victim; I just might get involved. If I were with my wife, that will be factored in. If the victim seems not so innocent, I might not do anything but be a good witness.

It just depends. I am older and a disabled vet, and not quite the sheepdog I used to be. So there is that.


Primary concern,… myself and family.

Less concerned with those I do not know… but each situation is different and each situation would require a different consideration and response. A more complex issue than you make it to be in the question.

I prefer to not be considered the shooter by other armed civilians or the police…


Short answer - NO… not anymore. Perhaps few year ago I would consider an option to stay and protect " the sheep I don’t know".
Right now the priority is Me and My Family.


All truth right there. Honestly kids are about the only thing outside of family and my inner circle that’d I take the risk for.


Unfortunately!!! and the people needing help run to the ones with the guns.


I was willing to do that for the church, specifically for the elderly & children who cannot defend themselves. Every situation is different but because of the day & age we find ourselves, I am far less hesitant to intervene nowadays. I feel like Denzel Washington in BOOK OF ELI. If you remember the scene where he was travelling but knelt down on a bridge, only to struggle internally with whether or not to intervene. A couple below was robbed & killed by one of Carnegie’s road crews. Eli mumbled to himself something like “it’s not my comcern…stay on the path.”

I’m not a blind warrior carrying the entire HOLY BIBLE in my mind but that scene illustrates how I feel. Now, if you’ve seen the movie, you know his journey leads him right into the town, in the heart of the very town Carnegie rules. So, his path leads him to confront the source of the wickedness he saw on the highway. :thinking:

:point_right:t5:Not to mention, I just had an older friend tell me how he almost lost his grandson a few weeks back. Two guys tried to rob his grandson & his friend at gunpoint. The guy with the gun pulled the trigger twice but the pistol misfired both times. The grandson & his friend proceed to beat the brakes off the guy with gun, while 2nd fella flees. :muscle:t5:

:loudspeaker: SIGN OF THE TIMES… the mother of guy with gun tries to press charges against the grandson & his friend. :rage:🤦🏾



Yes. If there happens to be a situation where other people are at risk and I can do something about to stop it. Then the answer is definitely yes.


That’s a complex question in a complicated era! My family and friends are first priority. My job is to get them to safety. How to move, communicate and shuffle people out of danger during chaos is challenging.
Many years ago when I looked and felt like AAAARRRNNNOLD

YES, I would have stayed and assisted anyone in getting to safety or to render first aid! Would I chase an active shooter down, NO! Does that make me a coward, I hope not, obviously I’m outgunned!
However if there are people next to me that are willing, we’ll, let’s roll! If I had assistance, I would consider it, in the moment, however, time is of the essence and thinking about it is fatal. Do I have a plan whenever I walk into a crowded area, YES! That includes the grocery store!

Today, I expect NO assistance from anyone, and now that I’m a little less than Arnold, in that photo, my inner circle only, however I would NOT leave a bleeding patron that was right next to me. I guess I’m saying anyone to the left and right of me is worthy of my assistance unless they voted for Biden!


I have always been a sheepdog!!!


Entirely situation dependent.

My first priority is my loved ones.
Second priority is me (because long-term my loved ones depend on me being around).

Random strangers who have the same ability and opportunity as I did to protect themselves but didn’t are a distant third place.

However, if someone was attacking a bus full of children I couldn’t live with myself knowing I did nothing when I had the opportunity to help. So the priority order is not absolute.


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