Are USCCA members covered under a socialist regime?

I’m about to renew my membership. I’ve been a member since 2015.
I feel that membership means incredible training, knowledgeable conversations, intelligent community a plethora of resources and that someone has my back. Always been a great comfort. Like in good hands or a warm blanket.
Is my back still covered under a socialist regime?
Will the United States Concealed Carry Association still be viable under a socialist regime?
In a 134 days we will learn if all this (our conversations, training and life lessons, favorite gun memes coming true) is moot!
Are we on our own if they take over the White House? In more ways than one as we are witnessing now.
This very well could be the dumbest question I’ve ever asked, but I’m going out on a limb here.


No real way to answer that unless you have a crystal ball. I would renew. If it is no longer valid, I doubt they would keep charging you…

I certainly hope we will keep our freedoms! Sure looks bleak some days.


Pandemic seems like a cake walk now!


Voter fraud’s success or failure in November will answer your question.


You have an intresting thought - people may not be able to take for granted things that are common place and expected in a free society that has respect for law and order.

I say renew.
If the post-capitalist efforts fail you will be covered (as long as you dont move to New York or Washington State).
If the opposite occurs then spend your money before it gets redistributed to the welfare state. Most, if not all, insurance companies will be bankrupt as the ‘redistribution’ gains momentum anyways.
Just think all those 401Ks and Pension funds going to the 'common good. It will be Nirvana…


No matter what happens in November, the new term doesn’t officially start until January.

I agree with @Fred_G, we don’t know what a different president may do until they are in office and even then we’re not sure about it until it is completely done. And even then it can be overturned by Congress or the Supreme Court. Our founding fathers put checks and balances in the Constitution for good reason.

Renew. A lot can happen in the next few months and we all want you to be safe!


Is earning 20%on the beach as good as nirvana? How does nirvana work anyhow? Does the average/middle income divvy up to the wealthiest or does the billionaires divvy up to us. If the latter, can’t wait to get a piece of Google, Bill Gates, Russell Wilson, Bud Dupree, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Sofia Vegas, Dwayne Johnson. What percentage do I receive?

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Remember that President Obama held office for 8 years and in many of those years he had a majority in the house, the senate or both, and little to nothing passed in congress in “gun reform.” There was a lot of talk, but that was about it.
With the same perspective, the republicans held the White House, the house and the senate and they could not get national reciprocity passed.
In order to get past the minority party in congress, they need the White House, a majority in the house and a super majority of at least 60 in the senate to defeat the opposition.


I am cautiously hopeful that a message will be sent with all the looting and rioting in Dem held cities that for minority populations have been getting fleeced by the dealers of dependence. Joe Biden and Obama had the ball for 8 years with Ferguson and Baltimore and others and yet nothing was done. I don’t see the House or the Senate agreeing to move forward on any meaningful policies now. Then again I don’t see any Republicans loudly bashing the destroyers of monuments, the looters or the rioters. BLM I actually had great hope for when it emerged as a thing but it has been taken over by folk that want to destroy the entire system and won’t stop until it’s all gone. Police, History, The Constitution, Law and Order. BLM is being run as cover for ANTIFA and others that are just out to destroy anything from our history as a great nation. Government’s, institutions and businesses are running from BLM and the millennial’s are flocking to the BLM cause, but other than protesting which is where the other groups get cover to loot and riot they are doing nothing. The media is of course aiding in the cover. Where is BLM in Chicago after more than 100 were shot and a dozen killed in ONE WEEKEND!?!?!?!

I fear even with a Super Majority in BOTH houses and the White House that the Republicans will not step up to the plate and get things done. That said I can already see what will happen if the opposite becomes true. Somebody a lot smarter than me said “Democracy is one generation from anarchy.”




I recall the Vegas concert shooting happened the weekend right before national reciprocity was to be voted on.

The fact is, Biden and Harris already said the first thing they will do is executive order a federal buyback on all guns. It’s on video, you can look it up.

If that is the case. That means we will not have rights to carrier guns or keep them in our house. The 2 amendment will be gone. If guns are illegalized then there will be no reason for USCCA. How can you give someone insurance if what your insuring is illegal?

Now I pray to the Lord that created this land for help. To keep the right peiple in office that will insure our freedom, But the truth is, God gave us free will. It’s in societies hands now and God help us if the socialist regime wins.

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On that note, we become sheep? What’s illegal is the the destruction of the constitution. I could swear it says “We The People”.
I guess my question is, who is standing behind us?

@Scott52 There are already small militia groups forming in Indiana in case Biden wins the election. There are groups all over that are ready to stand up in a civil war to fight for the Constitution. You ask who will stand behind us, “we the people” is your answer. Unfortunately it will come with a price. Like I said with Obama signing agenda 2030, if “we the people” don’t stand up and fight we will become a one world dictatorship, you watch.

This is what the socialists are trying for and they who follow are blind to what they are doing. Most people that are voting Democrat have no idea the depths of socialism they’re voting for, they just don’t get it. They don’t understand what it is the Biden seeks, Kamala Harris seeks. That’s why it’s so important that Trump wins. I’m not a huge fan of trumps but at least he stands for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, he’s pro-life, he’s a capitalist and capitalism is the way to a strong economy.

Even Democrats need to vote for Trump this time because the Democratic party has left them. All the higher echelon I would Democratic party have turn power hungry, look at the way they have twisted the narrative. You look at the way they’ve turned us on ourselves. Their master manipulators, so I get all these people that don’t see it.

It’s scary stuff with my friends. The world is in a moment of unrest that will not go away until we find peace within the government and I don’t see that happening anytime soon if the socialists have their way.

Get out and vote Trump 20/20

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Every militia group has likely been infiltrated by federal agents. Look how they caught the guys looking to kidnap the Michigan governor Whitmer.

It’s unfortunate, but purposely or not, a lot of tyrants got a lot of data this year on just how much people are willing to endure and not fight back. The lockdowns, defund the police (in the neighborhoods that need them most), destroying small businesses, and now widespread voting improprieties, and threatening violence against those who try to bring it to light.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the will to fight in we the people. Even if I did, the left owns every communications network, owns the seats of every unelected law enforcement bureaucracy. They’ve got no problem letting every violent criminal that shares their ideology walk, while arresting those legitimately trying to defend themselves, and their property. The media and social media will call left wing violence peaceful protests, and legitimate self defense right wing violence. The right is divided, incapable of organizing, a large portion of them can’t even openly state their positions for fear of cancel culture.