Are USCCA conversations protected by law?

I have several questions related to my interaction with the USCCA Critical Response Team in the event of a self defense incident:

  1. Is my conversation with the USCCA Critical Response Team recorded?
  2. If the audio is not recorded what information is documented?
  3. Can law enforcement, including a prosecutor lawfully get access to it?

My immediate reaction is this is all “privileged” information, but the USCCA isn’t my attorney.
I’m not sure who can best answer this so I’m tagging @KevinM


Great questions, @89badger!

Your Critical Response Case Manager (a member of the Critical Response Team), does not take recorded statements. They work quickly to connect the member with an attorney in the area where the incident took place.

A member’s privacy, as well as the confidentiality of all of the information entrusted, is given the highest priority at all times.


And as I understand it once you have been in contact with an attorney the conversation is protected.


Exactly. Our Critical Response Team does not ask for details aside from your location and how the self-defense attorney can contact you after the incident.

The attorney you work with will have attorney/client privilege.

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