Are they serious?

What are they going to do next?


Snow White was a hermaphrodite!
Rocky and Bull Winkle were gay!
Harry Potter Movie’s were RACISTS!
No Lpkjwiuef-iuhfuorfoirfo character’s

We are raising Generation’s of Pansies’!

And we may all be learning Chinese, Spanish and whatever other nation’s language wants to conquer us
Our World War 1/2 Vets must be rolling over in their graves on what we have become.



I wouldn’t know… I don’t watch any thing disney. Poor Walt. :cry:


You’re missing out with Captain America’s storyline (serious)

He has a ton of stuff in the Disney MCU but super short version he’s an anti-bully American who signs up to fight Nazis (bullies, really) and is all in on the US government and military and orders and all that but then he gets some experience and things happen and the government tries to put proverbial handcuffs on the Avengers because there was some collateral on a mission and the UN wants to control everything the Avengers do but Captain America is like…but the safest hands are our own not the government and in support of his best friend in the fallout of this he becomes a criminal intentionally and knowingly because it’s the right thing to do and gets put in prison until Iron Man realizes he (iron man) was wrong and breaks him out and then in there they have to bring down the government agency that was built to keep them safe because Captain sees what others call Safety and calls it Tyranny and sure enough it gets used for bad and has to go