Ar15 home defense

I have a Glock 17 in a bedside holster, and my AR in a corner.

I lock my door front door, and put a doorstop alarm, and I put a door stop alarm in my bedroom door.

People call me paranoid, but it’s whatever. I’m making sure you got to fight like hell to get to me.


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Sorry in advance for the wall 'o text :grimacing:

hey @Yusheng your original post suggests you got some kinda close, but incomplete information.

As a couple others in here have pointed out, what you are describing with “boat tail hollow point” sounds more like an mk262 or similar clone made by a variety of manufacturers (IMI, Black Hills, PPU, Winchester, etc). The “hollow point” isn’t actually a hollow point like you might find in a 9mm HST or Gold Dot for your Glock 19, the cavity is entirely for aerodynamic purposes. mk262 is a heavy fragmenting round, used alot by US Forces in the middle east as its fairly effective and is actually really accurate over distance. It’s not bad, but as civilians we have access to better options.

One thing should be really clear… Anything that is effective against a human sized target will absolutely penetrate several layers of drywall. Typical AR15 ammo will penetrate less than something like a pistol round (counter-intuitive, but true) but it will still go through several layers of drywall. There are several things you can do to mitigate over-penetration if that is a major concern:

  • #1 is hit your target. A well-chosen projectile will dump most/all its energy into the target and not retain enough velocity to penetrate any further walls
  • know your shooting lanes/backstops. It’s your home, you know where its “OK” if a round passes through and where it isn’t
  • strategically place furniture as a backstop. Place a full bookcase at the end of that hallway to help absorb and mitigate risk of passthrough for example.
  • proper ammo selection. A light fragmenting round will have less penetration issues than a heavy monolithic copper projectile

Down to the nitty gritty.

Since you are concerned with penetration I’m going to recommend the Sierra Tipped Match King (TMK) projectile. It’s used by several manufacturers, the most “known” is Black hills. So you’ll want to look for Black Hills TMK in 5.56. Corbon also makes one, AAC made/sold by Palmetto State Armory also has one. There are probably others. This is a fragmenting round with a (slightly) expanding base that gets you to good penetration amounts (FBI 12-18in criteria). It is stunningly effective in target and if you miss the fragments fall off quite easily when hitting any material (like drywall) losing both mass and velocity. The primary downside is its not barrier blind. The other downside is that since COVID it has been very hard to find and when available is very expensive.

Personally I like a good expanding soft point. Speer Gold Dots (55, 62, 75 grain options) are really good and reasonably priced (when in stock), and use the same projectile as in the Federal Fusion MSR hunting round. Grab whichever one is available for cheaper. Hornady makes several defensive rounds but I’m not familiar with them. Many “hunting” rounds will also do decently well but those are usually priced higher per round since they are sold in smaller quantities.

Do NOT run frangible rounds. They are designed to disintegrate on contact with something “hard” like steel plates. Otherwise, they behave just like an FMJ. You are literally getting the worst of both worlds that way.

You probably don’t want any monolithic projectiles like the copper TSX (loaded by Black Hills and others) as they are made to pass through pretty much everything and retain their mass as much as possible. “Tumbling” projectiles like M193 or (kinda) M855 are “OK” but are a bit unpredictable, so while effective you probably don’t want those either.

I wrote more in a previous post about the subject (sorry, another wall-o-text) which contains more info.

If you’re still awake after reading all that I hope it helps!


If you use a rifle indoors, be sure to have ear protection for you and any family members nearby. For me, fussing with ear protection for me and family in a stressful situation makes an AR for home defense a no-go.


Many people have used rifles indoors for home defense, LE operations, and military operations. I’ve spoken to a number personally about it.

It may not be ideal, but, it [noise] is not all by itself a reason to write-off the firearm that is easier to shoot and more effective at stopping an attacker ASAP.

They are all very loud indoors in a closed room, even 9mm handgun (this I know). The 5.56 with a flash hider, not a muzzle brake, and rifle length, isn’t insurmountable


I do have ear pro staged for my general home defense plan which is for me to get into the cloakroom inside my bedroom which is at an angle from the door(locked and blocked with a door stop). I can then put on the muffs, call 911 and point the rifle at the door(and maybe fire) if the intruder bangs on the door(I would give commands for them to leave first but if they keep banging that is my cue to defend myself). there is basically no way for the intruder to get into my room without me knowing and getting ready for all of what I mentioned above because the purpose of the doorstop I have is so that they either have to break the door or the stick to get in. I still have my rifle ready to go by my bedside where I can easily grab the handguard with my left hand, hand the pistol grip into my right hand, turn off safety, and fire(which basically won’t happen thanks to the door stop but that would be the only case for me to not have ear pro)


that is a lot of information! I now took the bthps out of my rifle and currently have the deer season in. I am trained enough with ar15 to hit stuff and I know the structure of my house. I have also gotten the advice to shoot at an angle(not flatly but slightly inclined upwards so there’s an even less chance for the round to hit someone else). the deer season I currently have has a big lead tip so I bought them(also suggested by the guy at the gun counter in academy), he told me these would expand like the hollow points for handgun ammo(but they are expensive). I am still going to look at what you suggested!


Also guys, how do yall convince your family members to learn to use firearms when necessary? My mother told me she would just leave the house behind and escape by going to our garage and driving away if she hears someone break in. She also says that she strongly believes things like that will NEVER happen ever. I do also hope that a breakin never happens but I have to say her mindset is wrong and she will definitely not be ready if something actually happens. Our garage is downstairs and the garage door takes like 12 seconds to open while someone on foot can cover the distance from my front door to the entrance of the garage from the living room in like 5 seconds by walking, not even running. However, by my mother’s plan, she has to first run downstairs, go to the garage, open door, start car and drive, which will take like 45 seconds at the fastest and she has a high chance of bumping right into the intruder as she sprints downstairs. I even put a sticky note on the wall that teaches the details on how to use my rifle but she just refuses to even look at it and gets mad at me whenever I talk about home defense. I tried to tell her to just stay upstairs and be ready to “protect herself” when necessary(which I have told her she is capable of protecting herself WITH A GUN but she just refuses to believe that and always tells me she CAN’T FIGHT THE INTRUDER OFF due to her strength(which indicates she has the mindset that she would rather fight intruders with her fists than learning to use a gun) after I told her to use the gun when something like that happens). Well, and at the end of the day, like I mentioned earlier, she strongly believes that things like that will NEVER HAPPEN anyway.


Someone that convinced that it will never happen, will only be convinced when it happens. I hope she survives. :crossed_fingers:


People who convince themselves bad things will never happen…won’t be prepared if a bad thing happens.

I know people who are like that…I don’t know how to help them. I think it’s intentional for a lot of people…“ignorance is bliss”, even if it’s willful ignorance.

Also: Home defense pepper spray. Not real training needed, no serious injury directly results if misused, but can buy time to run away/call 911/get someone else to help them


With all due respect, that sounds pretty complicated to me, and a bit over the top.

In my experience, a fair number of break-ins are done by children, not bloodthirsty fiends bent on slaughtering you and your family. The first search warrant I executed was for burglaries done by a 12-year-old who was stealing from his neighbors and wrapping the proceeds up as Christmas presents because he did not have any money to buy gifts for his family. Imagine me taking away presents from under a Christmas tree and marking them as evidence.

The person you confront with your rifle in the night may well be someone like that 12-year-old.

Sure, there are dangerous people in the world and it is prudent to make plans to defend yourself should you encounter such individuals, but in my 7+ decades on this planet, living in lots of crummy places, I’ve never experienced someone kicking in my door or window and coming in the house in the night to kill me. Take a deep breath as consider what’s reasonable and what’s not.


I know the chances of something bad happening is small, but I still wanna be prepared and have my family be prepared


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!And an earthmover in the driveway!



This is one reason secured and locked doors and windows, set alarm systems, lighting, etc, are important…some kid who wants presents is unlikely to defeat these security measures to get in in the first place. And if he does, after breaking through all that, the blaring alarm will probably send him off before he can confront anybody


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The deer season sounds like a soft-point, which should expand/mushroom and stay together. Some do that really well and stop in the target and some expand only a little and pass through the target. See if you can search youtube for the exact name and find any gel tests. It will help give you an idea of performance.

You can then compare that to tests from the TMK (fragmenting) or Gold Dots (bonded expanding soft-point).

Also, do you know what brand/type the boat-tail hollow points are? If they are an mk262 clone they are still pretty decent choice.

Your other post mentioned where you might post up in the event of an emergency. Do a little practice setup and check wherever you might be shooting what is downrange if you were to fire through (at?) the doorway. If there is nothing important in that direction you are good to go. If there is (or might be) something you dont want to hit, then see how you can adjust position/angle (like you mentioned aiming slightly up, especially if you are in a kneeling position) or maybe some creative furniture moving (like a bookcase as a backstop).


the bthp I have are mostly winchester, some are 223 and some are 556. I think I have 68 gr, 74 gr, and 62 gr. the prices were about 13.99(some of the boxes I bought) and the most expensive were 19.99, some were 16.99(I know you didn’t ask for the price but maybe this info can help you figure out which type I am talking about). I don’t know what type they are


I love both of my ars the one I have for short distance and my scoped rifle but with that being said, my pump shotgun makes home invaders think twice before making the wrong decision. That’s just my preference and everyone is different it’s all about what your comfortable with and the layout of your home. Always train and always make the right decisions before making any life altering decisions.


I suppose, but, that does mean starting out your home invasion with an unloaded [chamber] gun that you have to load, loading it gives away information about your position and armament, and probably you have a high recoil low capacity slow to reload arm that can be short-stroked and is slower to run than a semi. I’d also wager that if you dropped the bolt on an AR or dropped the bolt on a semi auto shotgun it would have the same “hey I’m here and I have a gun” effect

But if you are comfortable and familiar with running the pump quickly and accurately under stress and you load it with buckshot/similar, it’s certainly formidable